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  • jusbus jusbus Jul 29, 2010 1:32 AM Flag

    passed on drew brees in the 2nd round...

    Im in a 10 Team PPR League and possibly made the mistake of drafting Mendenhall over Brees with my second round pick (#12 overall)

    looking at my roster, do you think it was a solid move or completely stupid?


    QB Jay Cutler
    RB Rashard Mendenhall
    RB Jamaal Charles
    WR Andre Johnson
    WR Calvin Johnson
    WR Dwayne Bowe
    K Matt Prater
    D Dolphins


    RB Beanie Wells
    RB Leon Washington
    RB Brandon Jacobs
    WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    WR Donald Driver
    WR Steve Breaston
    QB Chad Henne

    10 Team PPR League

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    • if you picked brees instead you would be stacked solid everywhere but mendenhall is not a 2nd rounder i'd say maybe only a 3rd or 4th sorry about that one man

    • I would've done the same thing. Cutler was a top 10 QB last year for all you nay-sayers. RB is much thinner. Mendy was the better pick in that situation. And look at Henne's stats the last 5 weeks of the season. I'm pretty high on him this year. Play the matchups when choosing QB and you'll be fine.

      PS - My QB's during championship week the past 2 years have been Joe Flacco and Tyler Thigpen (I won both times). The moral of the story is that skill position players are what win championships. Brees-Cutler = not that big a dropoff. 4 points a week or so.

    • Not too bright

    • I think your team is strong and it was smart to go with Mendenhall. Your team has a lot of young talent with great upside. Your bench is strong too. You can easily find a qb week to week if cutler doesn't work out. Check out this blog -- http:\\fantasyfootballblueprint.wordpress.com -- it also says to not take a QB early with good reason.

    • bump...

    • I would have done the same thing. It is a lot easier to compete when you weakness is at QB rather than RB. If Cutler can cut down on his interceptions than he can be a good fantasy QB. (That is a BIG IF). Henne also could surprise some people this year.

    • Ok this post is for you and all of the Brees LOVERS! Im so sick of everyone taking Brees so early especially that last post saying "how could you pass on Brees." Look at the idiots that take Brees and Rodgers first round and take a good look at their RB depth at the end of the draft. They suffer big time! A bit of advice for you people who think theres no way to pass on theese top QBs, theres so many QBs in the draft. Where as Rbs are thin, Mendy was a great pick if you didnt take him think of your RB situation. Ok now listen carefully people THE GAP BETWEEN TIER 1 RBS AND TIER 2 RBS IS ENORMOUS COMPARED TO TIER 1 QBS AND TIER 2 QBS! example look at the end of the season at the point differential between Brees and Cutler, then look at the difference between Mendenhall and say Barber or Mcfadden or Stewart cause thats the kind of RB you woulda got coming back. I would put my life on it the gap is more with the RBs. SO MANY PRODUCTIVE TIER 2 QBS-CUTLER, RYAN, FLACCO, FAVRE, KOLB, MCNABB, ELI, HENNE. And thats not counting the remaining tier 1 QBS- BRADY, MANNING, ROMO, RIVERS, SCHAUB. Why sacrifice an early pick on Brees or Rodgers when there is a featured back still available when you can get a good price on the other top QBs and an even cheaper price on the Tier 2 Qbs. LOL, what im saying is rest easy, you made the right pick and I challenge anyone to argue this!!

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      • I agree with you in standard scoring league, although remember that with a six point per touchdown scoring setting QB's become much more valuable. The QB position is stacked with talent and only a fool would waste a first or second round pick on a top five qb. I do however, have my doubts with Mendenhall. Many people believe he will be more productive in the first few weeks due to him having a poor QB. This is a big misunderstanding by many fanstasy players, as they don't realize a good qb enhances the value of a good RB. Mendenhall is also a poor choice due to his terrible schedule during the fantasy playoffs. Cutler will produce this year with many touchdowns along with a great deal of interceptions maybe even more with a Mart offense. I can't stand Martz. His move on waiting for a qb really all comes down to the scoring settings of his particular league. Something you failed to analyze at all when making your comment.

    • With all due respect...HOW did you possibly pass on Drew Brees in the 2nd round. Man...sorry to sound like I'm hating, but HUGE mistake. Guess you'll have to do with Cutler cause I wouldn't give up Brees for ANY of the guys on your roster.

      Remember, SKILL trumps filling your roster positions. You only really need a TRUE number 1 at each position.

      Good luck,

    • Dude, ur team is the best team I've seen this season. Especially for a 10 man draft. Mendy & Dre are 1st Rounders. Calvin & Jamaal are 2nd Rounders. Beanie is a 3rd Rounder & I wouldnt be surprised if some Owner took him in the 2nd. You did a great job, that team will take you to the Championship.

    • Shuffled line in pitt and 6 wks w/o Ben. Then again Brees could tear an ACL wk 1.

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