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    Studs, Busts, and Sleepers

    Come on guys, let's here some predictions....

    Stud - Ray Rice. I know he isn't sneaking up on anyone this year, but with an increased workload this guy has big upside. CJ made LenDale a distant memory last year. Something tells me McGahee disappears real soon too.
    Bust - Ryan Matthews. Last place ground attack. Rivers continues to front run the team which doesn't make a run freindly environment.
    Sleeper - Jerome Harrison. When you can't do a lot of things right, you tend to resort to running more. Only 5 other teams ran the ball more than the Browns did. Harrison came on strong last year and should be in line for lots of touches.

    Stud - Calvin Johnson. Forget last year. Detroit will continue to play from behind and Stafford will continue to have a strong arm. The Lions will suck, but Megatron will do his thang.
    Bust - Miles Austin. His stock is higher than it ever has been and I don't see it rising. He has not shown any consistency to indicate he can sustain. Dallas has too many weapons and I could see the top receiver changing from week to week between him, Roy, Dez, and even Witten. The Cowboys will be great, but Miles will only be great sometimes.
    Sleeper - Mike Wallace. With this guys speed, Santonio Holmes will be a distant memory. Pittsburgh likes to pass these days and he has the tools to be a downfield threat.

    Stud - Tony Romo. So many offensive weapons means lots of scores. I don't see a lot of teams stopping Dallas this year and Romo will be on the high end of the spoils.
    Bust - Donovan McNabb. Anyone expecting the every-year-value that he usually delivers, should think again. The Redskins just don't got the goods to help him put the numbers up. Plus, they got Mike "running-back-by-committee" Shanahan running the show now.
    Sleeper - Kevin Kolb. He inherits a team with a lot of offensive weapons and we know Andy Reid loves to throw the ball. Beneficiary = Kolb.

    Stud - Brent Celek. Nothing breaks in a new QB like a reliable pass catching tight end. Celek is not sneaking up on anyone now since he has shown how good he is, but this guy is just getting started.
    Bust - Vernon Davis. Great year last year, but I don't think this guy can be consistent. With the offense ran through Gore and with Crabtree making a bid to emerge, I think Vernon will be hit and miss from week to week.
    Sleeper - Owen Daniels. Health has been his biggest obstacle. If he can conquer that he will be on the field with the team that had the MOST passing yards last year. Not a bad fit for a talented tight end.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Stud - Shonn Greene. Very ground driven offense.
    Bust - Rashard Mendenhall. Wears down at the end of the season.

    Stud - DeSean Jackson. Finally a real QB to throw him the ball.
    Bust - Steve Smith (NYG). The Giants will do an einie-minnie-miny-mo WR. Look for Hakeem Nicks to take the 1 spot.

    Stud - Peyton Manning. Consistently great.
    Bust - Joe Flacco. Great game quarterback, bad fantasy quarterback.

    Stud - Antonio Gates. Still a premiere weapon of Rivers. Lots of targets.
    Bust - Visanthe Shiancoe - Not a downfield target.

    Ok, that's mine...what you got?

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    • QB:
      STUD: Matt Schaub
      BUST: Phillip Rivers
      SLEEPER: Carson Palmer

      STUD: CJ (oooh...risky pick!)
      BUST:Steven Jackson
      SLEEPER: Jahvid Best

      STUD: Randy Moss
      BUST: Larry Fitzgerald
      SLEEPER: Mike Wallace

      STUD: Owen Daniels
      BUST: Greg Olsen
      SLEEPER: Dustin Keller

    • QB
      Stud-Aaron Rodgers-A great qb that should do fine again
      Bust-Sam Bradford-no trust in rookies
      Sleeper-Kolb-dont really like him but he could break out this year-good wrs for him to pass to.
      Stud-Roddy White-should be a #1 wr this year
      Bust-Donald Driver-think Greg Jennings and Te will get more catches and endzone catches
      Sleeper-Golden Tate-he has the chance to get the second spot as the #2 wr. He may be a rookie but he could have a good upside this year. Dont start him though or pick him early in a draft.
      Stud-Ray Rice- he should get more endzone/ touchdowns this year as the ravens said Mcgahee wont get so many carries.
      Bust-Rashard Mendanhal
      Sleeper-Ryan Mathews- Passing offence but he can catch. I also got to go with Laurence Marohney from the Pats.
      Stud-Everyone knows who this is..
      Bust-Chris Cooley
      Sleeper-Jermaine Gresham hes a rookie but should take over and get some catches.

    • RB
      Stud: Michael Turner. Rebound year. He'll be back to form and with the news coming from Atlanta that he's slimmed down expect good things. (I know he's going in the top 7 picks but I feel he could be a top 3 or 4 back)

      Bust: Jamaal Charles. Thomas Jones came off a great year with the Jets (even though they had a stellar O-line) so I can't see giving J-Chuck a second round pick with a 1400 yard rusher behind him.

      Sleeper: I'm not sure how much this qualifies but Knowshon Moreno. Primed for a great year. Forget all the talk about Tebow taking goaline work from him (I can't wait till Tebow finds out what NFL players hit like) Knowshon is going to have an 1100/9 season.

      Stud: Roddy White. No, I'm not a Falcons fan but expect more of the same from Mr. White. He went for 1150/11 and there's plenty more where that came from. Ryan has another year under his belt and they will have a stud in the backfield (see above). He's a steal in the 2nd around the same time people are taking this next guy.

      Bust: Sidney Rice. The term "bust" is a tough word. Will Rice have a good year? Yes. Will it be a repeat of last years 1300/8? No. Except more along the lines of 1000/7. Again, not bad...unless you like paying a 2nd/3rd round premium for Hines Ward/Ocho Cinco like stats.

      Sleeper: I love the Mike Wallace pick here and he is my guy this year....but since our original poster took him I'll go with my other guy. Braylon Edwards. Before everyone stomps on my balls via reply hear me out. B-EZ had a great year in Cleveland with Derek Anderson throwing him the ball....yes, Derek "I'm colorblind and consequently mix my team and the other team up" Anderson. Derek "I throw more INT's than Jay Culter" Anderson. WIth Holms sitting on the other side of him (later in the season) and another year in the Jet's offense expect your 10th round investment to pay off. (I've seen him go lower than that in some drafts)

      Stud: Mr. Tony Romo. More weapons and an overall great team. Expect at least 4300/31 from him this year.

      Bust: Phillip Rivers. I hate to say it but it's true. Take away his biggest threat (I know WR's don't make QB's but it helps having good ones) and throw in a rookie RB and that makes for a scary situation. I think he'll have a good year but I'm putting him at the end of my top 8 QB's.

      Sleeper: Matt Moore. Going out on a limb here, but the kid looked good at the end of last season. In really only 5 starts (he played in 7 but didn't start 2) he had 1000/8. In one of those games (week 15 against the lauded Minny DEF) he put up almost 300/3. For those of you saying it was late in the season keep in mind Minny was still playing to maybe catch the saints and to keep GB from taking the division. Matt Moore could be a solid 13th/14th round pick.

      Other sleepers include RB Matt Forte and WR Greg Jennings. Both coming off disappointing seasons and while Jennings is still going in the 3rd or 4th in most drafts I think he will return to form and get 1200/10 again. With Forte he's a steal in the middle of the draft. Forget Chester Taylor and Mike Martz, 1400 yards rushing is hardly a fluke.

    • I disagree with two there.

      First, Mendenhall. I don't think he will wear down. Yes, he will have to rush a very high number of times in the first 4-6 games with the absence of Roethlisberger, but he is a beast, and can do well all season.

      Also, Shiancoe, as others have already mentioned. He is an elite TE, who, with Brett Favre coming back (we all know he will), will continue to get a lot of looks in the Red Zone. Also, he will get a lot of dump offs, when a brittle, 40-year old Favre feels the rush getting to him.

    • 2 Things. 1 The Ravens didn't bring in Boldin just to take heat off of Ray Rice don't expect more from Rice this year. 2 Shannahan coached a good QB named Elway at the end of his career and won the super bowl 2 times. Should have the same results.

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      • Lets be honest here, Elway did NOT win those super bowls....TERRELL DAVIS won those super bowls, Elway had chances before TD and kept coming up short. And when it was time for Davis to move on, ole' Shanny had Griffin in the shadows. Shanny will keep the team a running team, hence having the 3 RB's.

    • Alright, a few of my own:


      Stud - Frank Gore. Singletary wants an old school ground-based attack. With no nagging injuries, a beefed up O-line and the easiest schedule in the league, I expect him to lead the league in rushing.
      Bust - Rashard Mendenhall. I know you gave him an honorable mention, but he's my top bust based on the generous ranking the roto guys have given. He's been quite inconsistent over his career. Although owners may be singing his praises for the first 4-6 weeks of the season, expect them to be making a trade after a few more. When Big Ben holds the helm, this is a passing team.
      Sleeper - Ahmad Bradshaw. With Brandon Jacobs coming off a season in which he played less like the Incredible Blue Hulk and more like an oversized Smurf, expect Bradshaw to take over as starter if the season begins in the same manner. His explosiveness and breakaway speed combined with tenacity should make for an improved Giants ground game.


      Stud - Steve Smith (CAR). Now that Matt Moore has replaced the abhorrently inaccurate Jake Delhomme, Smith can focus more on catching and running routes rather than chasing down defenders and watching the ball sail 3 yards over his head. The only star in the Panthers passing game, expect him to rebound from a disappointing '09.
      Bust - Larry Fitzgerald. Sure, Anquan Boldin is gone, but so is Kurt Warner. Don't expect the same numbers with Frat Leinart passing the ball. An improved O-line and a more experienced Beanie Wells will make Fitz's numbers seem much more human.
      Sleeper - Demaryius Thomas. Someone has to catch the ball in Denver. Thomas will be competing with Eddie Royal for the number one receiver spot on the Broncos depth chart, but he'd be a bargain number three receiver for fantasy owners.

      QB - Stud - Philip Rivers. Even with the addition of Ryan Matthews, this is still Rivers' team. With or without V-Jax, Norv Turner will keep Rivers' production up.
      Bust - Brett Farve. If the Graybeard was gonna win the super bowl, last year was the year to do it. AFC east and NFC east are both on the schedule, as well as the Saints.
      Sleeper - Alex Smith. Yet another improved O-line, the easiest schedule, and a returning offensive coordinator should allow the former first overall pick to finally flourish.

      Stud - Zach Miller. The brightest light on the Raiders offense last season, expect him to shine even brighter with a quarterback that's not pushing 300 lbs. Campbell was quite acquainted with Chris Cooley back in Washington. Expect more tight end love.
      Bust - Kellen Winslow. He's had yet another surgery this offseason, and he's never shown himself to be the tight end he was supposed to be.

    • flacco has plenty of weapons so hes no bust, and IF favre plays (which we all know he will) shiancoe wont be a bust either. sure hes not a downfield threat but come on what qb loves their te more than favre?? if he has favre, shiancoe will produce this year.

    • Let's hear some good picks!

    • Im to lazy to list mine but I will agree with about 99% of what you said. Ryan Mathews won't technically be a bust but he's being drafted really high which isn't right. He will be acceptable as a RB but maybe a 3rd rounder.

      Kolb and Celek are both big break out players. Honestly if you draft celek you have to have kolb. Its gona be peyton manning dallas clark-isk in terms of QB to TE.

      I'll disagree with Visanthe Shiancoe. I think he will be a big red zone target. I would take him over owen daniels still.
      As for McNabb, if the skinz can implement a power running game you can see an amazing McNabb but im not sure they have that.

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      • Hows This


        Stud - Beanie Wells - I think Hightower fades and as long as he stays healthy and holds onto the football he should be a top 10 RB
        Bust - Benson - I dont think he will repeat, and he might not be a complete dud but wont be worth a 2nd round pick.
        Sleeper - Felix Jones -His first season as the full time starter, if he stays healthy he should put up big numbers, he is explosive.


        Stud - Brandon Marshall better QB, better offense, and 3 years in a row with 100 receptions.
        Bust - Sidney Rice - I think Farve will be back, but I do not think he will be able to do half of what he did last year, unfortunately I think Harvin will be a better ppick up this year.
        Sleeper - Santana Moss - I think he will be healthy for the first time in a while, and Mcnabb will look to him for the big play like he did Jackson. Moss is great at the buble screens


        Stud - Schaub - Look to repeat what he did last year.
        Bust - Farve - to old coming off the best year of his career, but dont look for him to repeat
        Sleeper - Stafford - a pretty high powered offense and will be playing in shootouts should be a good start in deep leagues.


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