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  • Robert Ace Robert Ace Jul 17, 2010 12:08 PM Flag

    $11 Dollars 20 Team League

    Hey everybody...I'm rob and will be the Commissioner in this league.

    I am hoping for serious members that love Fantasy Football and will check the league everyweek.

    Its $11 to Join... and the pay outs are $120 for 1st $60 for 2nd and $20 for 3rd but The Season Champ (1st overall Seed) is the only one that has a chance to win all the money if he/she win the playoffs as well. If the Season champ comes in 2nd and beyond, the prize moneys go's the same on top 1st,2nd and 3rd.

    NFL Football Season '11 (ID# 123112) Password: Rmjc
    Aug 9 (On a Monday) at 8:15 pm et and will be around 2 hours.
    You will get $200 in fake cash to spend on players during the draft and none of the money will carry over so try to spend it all!

    The $1 dollar go's to yahoo! monitoring Trade Review If a trade protest is made, members of the Yahoo! Sports staff will review the trade. If the trade in question appears to be overly biased or unfair towards one team, the trade will be overturned. All decisions on protested trades are final. Please Note that I will purchase this item before the draft so if anyone has any concerns about me not purchasing the item should rest asure.

    To make it fun and with a real NFL Feel to the Game.
    I will be having weekly Power Rankings and Scouting reports about each team. Weekly Matchup Reports will be in depth and fun. (if you want a sample of my power rankings Scroll down)

    Each Player will get a Waiver Budget of $25 to spend ( its fake money that you can spend on Free agents) if the money is gone , it go's by continues Roll.

    Nothing will be change unless everybody in the league agree to changes in rules.
    (If there are 20 teams then all 20 teams must be in favor)

    Schedule Subject to change before the season for teams to play other teams in there division twice.

    Payments Can be Made on Before The Draft
    The Sooner you pay the sooner you have a spot.
    All payments are due before the Draft so no rush.
    Paypal Perfer

    How To Play

    ..........Within the US (in USD):
    Payment Method Send Money Receive Money
    Personal transfers to friends and family Fully funded by:
    •PayPal balance
    •Bank account
    Free of both parts
    If Fully or partially funded with:
    •Credit card
    •Debit card
    •PayPal credit
    2.9% + $0.30 per transaction toward

    Fee is paid by the sender or recipient-sender decides.
    Making a purchase, i.e. goods, services, or eBay items All
    1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD .....

    Pretty Much it says is you to go Paypal.com and make an account or if you already have one great.

    Go to "Sent Money" and E-mail is Rockyrmjc22@aol.com and the amount of $11 (If your paying by purchase instead of Personal then I will have to pay 2.9%+.30cents of $11 which is around .63 cents so you must pay $11.62)
    Perfer payment is Personal then Payment owed of $11 so its free on both parts but only if you pay by bank account or paypal balance. If you pay by Credit card, Debit card and PayPal credit from Personal you will have to pay $11.62.

    If you have any questions please contact me,
    Robertace82@yahoo.com or Rockyrmjc22@aol.com

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    • July Power Rankings Part 1 Top 5
      Posted by: Robert A (CowBoy Bebop) Message ID: 719 Jul 13 12:58am | Reply | Post | < Previous | Next >

      Let's Start we the Power Ranking so far....

      1st Place City of Champions

      Just an Incredible job from a great owner that has continue to surprise the rest of us with players like Corey Hart and Clay Buchholz. This team's closing situation is solid and the starting pitching staff has a nice blend of streaming along with a consistent rotation of 3-4 solid pitchers. This team's offense is a surprise with one of the biggest surprises, Corey Hart providing the power this team needed. Stubbs is a great pick-up with Cody Ross. Beating Hammer in a possible preview of the league championship when all is said and done makes this team the best overall at the all-star break. Congrats on your success throughout the first half of the season! Draft Review: Hits: 8. (136) Corey Hart $9 (has FAR exceeded his value), Clay Buchholz $9 (same as Corey Hart), 17. (286) Drew Stubbs $5 Bust: 12. (262) Todd Helton $17, 9. (188) Rick Porcello $13

      2nd Place Hammers

      Last four Games 1-2-1 22-22 and Just lost First Place to Global Force2 but still alittle slump can't stop the Hammer to Nail his opp. With arguably the strongest offense in the league that combines power, speed, and avg., Hammer has been able to keep most of his team in tact and with the addition of the slumping Ben Zobrist, Hammer hopes to be even stronger down the stretch. Pitching has also been stronger than expected coming off the draft with the ace-like performance from Ricky Romero to add with Lincecum and recently acquired Chris Carpenter. One of the contenders for the league championship. Draft Review: Hits: 2. (32) José Reyes $15, 4. (56) James Loney $12, 10. (214) Miguel Olivo $4, 16. (339) Ricky Romero $1 Busts: ***Honestly, this was a really great draft and these two aren't really busts, but I had to pick someone....1. (1) Tim Lincecum $47 (hasn't really lived up to his billing up to this point), 11. (216) Brandon Webb $13 (mainly because of his setbacks)

      3rd Place Global Force2

      Not the most glamorous team in the league, but a team full of up and coming (C. Gonzalez, B. Posey, D. Barton) and surprise players (J. Bautista) along with strong pitching and management of the team has made this team truly live up to it's team name of being a "Global Force". Although this team's pitching and some offensive players will make Global Force a tough out come playoff time, one has to wonder whether or not players like Neil Walker, Jason Donald, or Jose Bautista can put up similar numbers in the second half of the season. Whether or not they can, Global Force has shown the ability to make the right move at the right time so far this season. Draft Review: Hits: 1. (21) Jon Lester $26, 2. (57) Adam Wainwright $33, 4. (87) Carlos González $19 (high compared to what he was going for, but well worth it) Busts: 10. (141) Chris Davis $15, 11. (191) Dexter Fowler $8, 17. (231) Kyle Blanks $5

      4th Place N.Y.Y.

      Arguably the strongest team in the league over the last two months, N.Y.Y. for the most part have been steamrolling the competition since his slow start early in the season. Although he's had key bats go on the DL in the last month (Shin-Soo Choo, David Freese and Victor Martinez), this team's balanced offense, and strong pitching has made my preseason prediction come true....and of course one world, STRASBURG. With key players coming off the DL and strong pitching, N.Y.Y. should be a serious factor come playoff time. Draft Review: Hits: 11. (202) Jeff Niemman $11, 12. (226) Stephen Strasburg $9, 14. (258) Chris Young $2 Busts: 1. (2) Jacoby Ellsbury $26 (Due to Various Injuries), 10. (173) Gavin Floyd


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