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  • Robert Ace Robert Ace Jul 13, 2010 1:02 PM Flag

    $11 Hot New Fun League

    Hey everybody...I'm rob and will be the Commissioner in this league.

    I am hoping for serious members that love Fantasy Football and will check the league everyweek.

    Its $11 to Join... and the pay outs are $120 for 1st $60 for 2nd and $20 for 3rd. Now we could also do The season Champ gets $20 and the playoff champ gets $120 while the runner up gets $60 so we can figure if out what you the owner picks.

    NFL Football Season '11 (ID# 123112) Password: Rmjc
    It will be an Auction Draft that will take place either Aug 2 or Aug 9 (On a Monday) at 8:15 pm et and will be around 2 hours.
    You will get $200 in fake cash to spend on players during the draft and none of the money will carry over so try to spend it all!

    The $1 dollar go's to yahoo! monitoring Trade Review If a trade protest is made, members of the Yahoo! Sports staff will review the trade. If the trade in question appears to be overly biased or unfair towards one team, the trade will be overturned. All decisions on protested trades are final. Please Note that I will purchase this item before the draft so if anyone has any concerns about me not purchasing the item should rest asure.

    To make it fun and like a real NFL feel.
    We will be having weekly Power Rankings and Scouting reports about each team. Weely Matchup Reports will be in depth and fun.

    Each Player will get a Waiver Budget of $25 to spend ( its fake money that you can spend on Free agents)

    Nothing will be change unless everybody in the league agree to changes in rules.
    (If there are 20 teams then all 20 teams must be in favor)

    Schedule Subject to change before the season for teams to play other teams in there division twice.

    Payments Can be Made on Before The Draft
    The Sooner you pay the sooner you have a spot.
    All payments are due before the Draft so no rush.
    Paypal Perfer

    How To Play

    ..........Within the US (in USD):
    Payment Method Send Money Receive Money
    Personal transfers to friends and family Fully funded by:
    •PayPal balance
    •Bank account
    Free of both parts
    If Fully or partially funded with:
    •Credit card
    •Debit card
    •PayPal credit
    2.9% + $0.30 per transaction toward

    Fee is paid by the sender or recipient-sender decides.
    Making a purchase, i.e. goods, services, or eBay items All
    1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD .....

    Pretty Much it says is you to go Paypal.com and make an account or if you already have one great.

    Go to "Sent Money" and E-mail is Rockyrmjc22@aol.com and the amount of $11 (If your paying by purchase instead of Personal then I will have to pay 2.9%+.30cents of $11 which is around .63 cents so you must pay $11.62)
    Perfer payment is Personal then Payment owed of $11 so its free on both parts but only if you pay by bank account or paypal balance. If you pay by Credit card, Debit card and PayPal credit from Personal you will have to pay $11.62.

    If you have any questions please contact me,
    Robertace82@yahoo.com or Rockyrmjc22@aol.com

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