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  • mountaineer mountaineer Jul 8, 2010 11:20 AM Flag

    WR Keeper

    I can keep one of these WR. Who should I keep?


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    • there needs to be a case made for austin. heres how i see it.

      Fitz- big time question at QB, and no matter how good you are you need a good qb to help you out. he will get his targets and should have a decent year. but i think leinart puts a damper on his ceiling.

      Wayne - has a great qb throwing to him and is always solid. but one of the first things you look at when debating keeping someone has to be youth. he is getting old and may have a bit of a knee problem now. And now there seems to be a lot of great targets in indy. especially if anthony gonzalez gets into the mix.

      Miles - the only thing i can nit pick on miles is that he is not completely proven. he had an excellent and consistent year, but can he be that guy year in and year out? i believe he can, but it remains to be seen. he's young, has a good qb throwing to him (yes romo haters.... he IS a good qb), and will soon have somebody that will consistently take the double team off of him. only thing thats a little disconcerting is that miles still hasn't gotten his contract. Jerry Jones said he's not going anywhere but if miles duplicates the average-per-game stats that he did last year then its gonna cost a good chunk of money to keep him.

    • Here is the breakdown since everyone seems to be giving you personal advice instead of logical advice.

      Fitz 97rec 1092yds 13 TD's. Not bad but under Kurt Warner who is no longer there. Boldin is no longer there so Fitz is going to see nothing but double teams on top of them having no running game. When Leinart started and Fitz was his go to guy Fitz had his lowest total TD output ever that season with 6 and Boldin was there.

      Wayne 100 rec 1264 yds10 TD's One of the most reliable fantasy receivers. He has one of the best QB's in the game and Peyton has been working to get better accuracy which means more catches for Wayne. You cant lose with him. If 30 is old then Randy Moss should be out of the league. He is 32 and caught more TD's than everyone on this list last year.

      Austin 83rec 1312yds 8TD's Great young talent, a guy that is probably good for a keeper league cause he is young and he is becoming a star receiver quickly because of his talents. He is going to lose a little steam because Jerry Jones is going to want Bryant to get the ball along with Witten.

      The most logical pick is Wayne. Great chemistry with Manning excellent route runner, some of the most reliable hands and he is Manning's go to guy. Manning will get him the ball and he will have another great season.

    • You keep Fitz. 1 with Boldin gone that's 30 to 50 more looks his way. And 2 a great WR can make a poor Qb look good. Don't get me wrong Wayne is good but Fitz has the bigger upside. And austin needs another year or 2 at that high level to be a keeper. Let's see how teams treat him this year.

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      • im going to be the oddball here and say Austin..hes got alot of match ups in his favor and if they get dez in the mix team Ds will not be able to double both of them

        serjae u bring up alot of good points..heres another one in Indy there to many options at WR for Manning to pass to

        i just wanted to be the only one to vote for Austin

    • fitz....

    • anyone else?

    • Fitzgerald. Wayne is actually over 30 now while Fitz is probably THE #1 WR in the league at a fairly young age.


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