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  • TheGeneralLee TheGeneralLee Jun 29, 2010 2:19 PM Flag

    win without RB's???

    10team ppr

    QB Matt Schaub, Hou QB
    RB C.J. Spiller, Buf RB
    RB Michael Bush, Oak RB
    RB/WR Calvin Johnson, Det WR
    WR Andre Johnson, Hou WR
    WR Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR
    TE Antonio Gates, SD TE P
    D/ST Jets D/ST, NYJ D/ST
    K Nate Kaeding, SD K P
    Bench Percy Harvin, Min WR
    Bench Dez Bryant, Dal WR P
    Bench Cadillac Williams, TB RB [Recent News]
    Bench Stephen Gostkowski, NE K
    Bench Carson Palmer, Cin QB P
    Bench Broncos D/ST, Den D/ST
    Bench John Carlson, Sea TE

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    • i usually wait on rb too.... your problem is you did not draft enough... drop your extra defense and te and even drop palmer....try and trade one of your kickers for any rb...pick up guys who are backups to stars like toby gerhart and rashad jennings..

    • Some of your backups have more value than your current RBs. You don't have to have premier RBs on your team, but you still need guys to produce in that spot. I'd start packaging some of your bench for an upgrade at RB.

    • Ok, my .02 worth. Folks don't seem to remember Michael Bush was THE leading candidate for the Hiesman when he broke his leg, the guy CAN run, but in DYSFUNCTIONAL OAKLAND, the RB's are the 'flavor of the month', and the turnstyle included McFadden, Fargas and Bush. If Bush STARTS, I think he will do well, well enough that I drafted him.
      Second, teams will RUN the ball, 'somebody' has to, but it may not be anybody that has much name recognition, like Bush, Cadillac Williams, or whoever decides to start in Denver, Houston, Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland, Seattle. In fact, I also drafted Forsett.
      Now, will these unknown guys run for 1800 yards and 15 TD's? Doubtful, but I will settle for consistency - 75 yards and 1 TD, or 120 yards and no TD, etc. if I can add it, you just have to PRAY your QB and receivers pick up their end.

      Just because a guy didn't produce big numbers last year doesn't mean he is a slacker, nobody knew who CJ was a year ago. You just need to find bonifide FULL TIME starters.

    • I read your topic and thought "well he has to have at least SOMETHING in the form of a RB"...how wrong was I.

      Look for a team with weak WR's. If yours are this strong someone's got to be weak. If you find a team like this go after their weaker RB's like a Jahvid Best, Felix Jones, Knowshon Moreno, Beanie Wells, etc. You might be able to get something like (Megatron/Fitz and Spiller/Bush) for (Steve Smith/Chad 85/Hines Ward and Moreno)...that's a completely made up scenario but I think it might work if someone is hurting for WR's

    • I would try and trade for a little RB depth. I think you could have an amazing team with 2 decent RBs

    • lol, yikes. i would trade calvin or fitz for a good rb and stick percy or cadillac on that rb/wr spot though.


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