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    I am a beginner-this is my first mock draft

    Standard public yahoo fantasy football
    14 teams

    1. Adrian Peterson (Min - RB)
    2. Vincent Jackson (SD - WR)
    3. Philip Rivers (SD - QB)
    4. Vernon Davis (SF - TE)
    5. Eli Manning (NYG - QB)
    6. Ricky Williams (Mia - RB)
    7. Santonio Holmes (NYJ - WR)
    8. Terrell Owens (Buf - WR)
    9. David Akers (Phi - K)
    10. Cincinnati (Cin - DEF)
    11. LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ - RB)
    12. Chris Chambers (KC - WR)
    13. Heath Miller (Pit - TE)
    14. Jabar Gaffney (Den - WR)
    15. Arizona (Ari - DEF)

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    • I agree abou the Back Up QB. Stafford or Sanchez will be available late and plenty Valuable with a Stud Like Rivers as a #1. My Opinion would have been a better WR and RB in round 4 and 5, but a very solid first run.

      Avoid Runs on TE's...Miller was a top 8 TE and you got him 9 Rounds after Davis, who was #2.

    • got a backup qb too early. terrell owens might not play this year, got a kicker too early, could have shot for a better defense if you get one that early. but other than that you're other picks were pretty good.

    • stellar top 4 picks. after that there's not a lot that impresses me. shoot for more high-upside rb's and wr's next time (less old guys) and see how that works out. your top 4 picks would keep you in most weeks though.

    • I dont like the 2 QBs in the first five rounds, why eli?Could have gotten another solid WR in that spot.

    • Keep in mind if VJax gets suspended that means your best WR for the first 4 weeks is either Santonio Holmes or T.O. (whose a free agent)

    • This is a borderline playoff team. Quite good for your first mock. I would wait to take K & DST until later rounds. Don't let everyone else taking them push you into drafting one of those positions too soon - there is plenty of other more talented pieces you can grab instead and then get a K & DST in the last couple rounds.

      Also don't draft T.O. He's not even playing now. And I like the rookie WR in Denver more than Gafney, but that's just me.

      Good luck for your first season.

    • Everyone has different strategies when it comes down to drafting...I like to take RB's in the first two rounds, RB's are most likely your biggest scorers and then in round 3 take the best WR or QB available and in round 4 take whatever you didn't get in round 3 (QB or WR).

      Other advice is to wait until the last round for your kicker and don't take a Def or TE too early...let other teams take the top Def's and TE's in Gates or Vernon Davis, doing this will let you fullfill your depth at WR and RB positions while other teams are taking Def's and TE's.

      With your draft, stay away from T.O. he doesn't have a team yet....you took a TE way too early. Taking a backup QB in Eli in the 5th round is a very bad move to make, Rivers is a nice QB and you don't need to take a backup QB until the later rounds..target guys like Kolb, Henne, Sanchez etc. Taking Akers and Cin Def in rounds 9 and 10 are too early....every year the top Def and kickers from the previous year usually isn't going to be the top def or kicker this year....it changes all the time year in and year out.

    • I like it. You got TO a little early. he doesnt even have a team yet does he?


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