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  • Bhavik Bhavik Jun 5, 2010 5:33 PM Flag

    Any Leagues Open

    looking to draft very SOON

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    • Please reply if you would like a franchise for the upcoming season. (scfl.commissioner yahoo)

      League Summary
      1. Dynasty Salary Cap Keeper League - Yahoo hosted, email draft;

      2. 16 team maximum – 4 divisions within 2 conferences
      3. Top 12 teams (3 from each Division) make playoffs
      4. Playoff seeding is 1 – 12 (regardless of division or conference - therefore the very best team is crowned to champion)
      5. Actual NFL Trade Deadline

      Statistical Categories For Players:
      Offensive: Passing – yards, touchdown, interceptions; Rushing – yards, touchdowns; Receptions – yards, touchdowns; Returns – touchdowns; Conversions – 2 point, point after; Fumbles – lost, offensive return touchdown; Field Goals by length; Defensive – safeties, sacks, interceptions, fumble recovery, touchdown, blocked kick;

      Team Names: All SCFL teams will use the names of NFL teams. The SCFL will be a Salary Cap league using a Head to Head scheduled within Yahoo. All member franchises must set up a Yahoo team when leagues are opened and allow for complete access to the Commissioner and Co-Commissioner. Membership fees will be requested once a franchise has been awarded.

      Salary Cap: There will be Upper and Lower limits of spending equal to that established by the NFL prior to the Free Agency signing period. For the season the lower threshold will be $70.0M and the Upper $120.0M. Each franchise must have committed total salaries between these two thresholds no later than September 1 of each year.

      Roster Makeup: 2 QB's, 3 RB's, 4 WR's, 2 TE’s, 2 DL’s, 2LB’s, 2CB’s, 1S, 2 K's, 4 Bench, 2 IR and a 5 player taxi squad.


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