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  • sara sara Dec 29, 2009 11:54 AM Flag

    Help with Trade Veto Options

    This past season in my fantasy money league the first two trades had problems - i.e. one of the people who was involved with the trade changed his mind and voted it down.

    As a result we changed it to - once a trade was accepted the commish would email the league and say we had two days to veto. Once the 48 hours passed the (if it wasn't vetoed) the trade was passed.

    Regardless that this was a money we STILL had issues getting 100% of the league to actually vote/look at the trade - and as a result two BS trades went through that gave a manager a monopoly on a lot of good players.

    For next year's league we want to keep the trade voting the same, however we are trying to think of a way to FORCE people to vote - i.e. email the commish and say yes, I veto it or no, let it though

    Any ideas? Any opinion will help!


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