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  • Evan Arellano Evan Arellano Dec 18, 2009 5:49 PM Flag

    Am I crazy?

    I am thinking of dropping Celek because of his injuries and he has two bad matchups this week and next week. San Francisco with Patrick Willis and than next week against Denver D.

    I will pick up Jermichael Finley from GB who will be going against Pitt this week and Seattle next week.

    I do not have room to keep them both.

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    • The only reason i would say yes is because of your justification. I know LB's cover TE's quite often, but Willis doesnt seem to as much... One of the best MLB's in the game and I think it's hard to not keep him as a roamer.

      SF's safeties are not fantastic.

      Denver has 1 fantastic safety, but he plays Free, typically not a TE defender.

      With all that said, J. Finley is a fine TE. Only thing that scares me about him is GB's committal to Donald Lee. Finley would be a monster without Lee, as it stands he is a matchup player with speed as an added bonus.

      Both should play fairly well, but all in all in a PPR, i'd rather have Celek. Best of luck to ya

    • yes.....


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