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  • Pungent Green Pungent Green Dec 8, 2009 12:55 PM Flag

    Yahoo WTF!

    you forgot about "Offensive Fumble Return TD" which is what this was and is why Meachem gets the points. Sorry you lose.

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    • No its not an offensive fumble return. If Hines Ward would have caught the pass, fumbled, and then meachem picked it up for the TD then it would be an offensive td.

    • Offensive fumble return is when someone on your own team fumbles and you recover it and score. Not when the other team gains possession and then you get it back. Welker got the NE D credited with a fumble recovery in week 12 on the same type of play. Yahoo is being inconsistent which is why everyone is upset.

    • fair or not here is Yahoo's latest correction in the head-to-head league:

      Robert Meachem:
      Ofensive Fumble Return TD 6.00 pts.
      Fumble Recovery 1.00 pts.
      Defensive Touchdown 6.00 pts.

      NO Def:
      0 (zero) pts.

      Don't know if I agree with RM getting pts for both a defensive td & offensive td for the same play and I don't hink Yahoo has actually made a final decision yet...its like their making changes to see our reaction

    • Okay people it's pretty SIMPLE, let me start off by saying that I went from not making the playoffs, to making the playoff because they took away a TD from the NO Defense.

      This how it SHOULD work, once Washington had the ball, all NO is now the defense, Meacham takes the ball away and score a TD, the 6 points go to should go to the N.O. D. The only way it should be an "offensive TD" as Yahoo says, is if NO is on offense and Brees or another player fumbles, Meacham recovers his teammates fumble and runs for a TD, THEN he should get credit for a TD, because N.O. would have never lost possession of the ball, once they lost possession of the ball to the Redskins on Sunday, NO was considered to be on defense.


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