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  • Curtis T Curtis T Dec 8, 2009 11:33 AM Flag

    Yahoo WTF!

    How can you guys change the scoring on the Saints Defense?? Last night it said that I won and this morning I find out that I lost and am no longer winning my league. I agree with others that if an offensive player is on the field and their is a turnover he now becomes a defensive player. You should settle this by giving the saints and meachum points for the TD

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    • They just change it to a defensive TD...WooHoo

    • I think in my leauge, lets say i have dallas def/st then if romo throws an int and its returned for a TD, it doesnt count as points agaist my defense. In that case, yahoo does not consider the offense as the defense. although techincally it is. ive been in other leauge/sites where it would count against my defense.

    • The bottom line is the nobody should have been relying on a DEF TD from the Saints' defense in order to make your playoffs or win your matchup. There are 8 other players on your FF team to blame as well. Why aren't people whining about their QB not making one more TD pass? Or a TD called back on penalty? SH*T HAPPENS and then you win or lose. Get over it and move on. AND by the way...I started the Saints' DEF and don't own Meachem so I got screwed out of the DEF TD like everyone else...but I still won my matchup with the rest of my team.

    • boo hoo play in idp leagues baby

    • The commissioner in a Yahoo League can modify the points given to any team on any week by clicking the following: "Commish Tools" then "Game Management" and lastly "Team Points". Once there, the commish can change the way Yahoo scored any given play / team. Hope this helps.

    • My question is how can in the box score R.M. be credited under the defensive stats for a fumble recovery if he was not on defense. In every box score I've seen, including Yahoo!, the Saints D is credited with 3 fumble recoveries on defense so even Yahoo! feels that R.M. was a defender when making that play. Plus, If Yahoo! did allow points in previous games as stated for like plays, they should not be changing the rules now.

    • Cost me a playoff spot!

    • Thats what happened to me. I was first place last night. today,Third place. yahoo SUCKS

    • you cant give both of them credit

    • Looks like I wasn't the only one surprised when I woke up this morning by this fiasco. I watched the whole MNF game last night to find out if my bid to become our 16-team league's first undefeated 13-0 team would be successful. My opponent had Ryan Grant and Donald Driver going with a 13-point lead; I had Aaron Rodgers going. When the clock hit 00:00 last night and I retired to bed, I was up 91-88 and 13-0. When I woke up this morning, I was down 88-83 and 12-1.
      This is ridiculous.
      Yahoo, if anyone out there is listening, know this:
      I don't necessarily disagree with the ruling, I can see both sides of the argument. But I do disagree with how yahoo took away the points 24 HOURS AFTER THE FACT.
      That's simply not right and a bush league move.
      At the end of the day, I'll be OK because I still made the playoffs. (Ironic it was the Saints that screwed up my undefeated bid however).
      But I feel for anyone out there that lost a playoff spot over this wishy-washy move by yahoo.

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