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    Meachem Crybaby Owners!

    He doesn't get anything for that play. After the int it is a change of possession and New Orleans is no longer on offense but defense. So it is fumble recovery and td by the defense. You don't get individual points for defensive plays unless you have roster spots for individual defensive players in your league like a lb, cb, or de now stfu already and stop your f--king b-tching!

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    • Meachem's play was very similar to one Keenan McCardell made Oct. 6, 2003. McCardell picked up a ball that the Indianapolis Colts' Mike Doss had fumbled (just following an interception), and returned it for a score. That play was credited as a return TD for McCardell similar to a punt return or kickoff return. Under your flawed analysis, you are implying that Meachem was on D when he got the fumble so it shoudl go to the Saints D.... but, wasn't he back on Offense again once he picks up the fumble and should be credited for the TD not the Saints D....after all you are implying that the Redskins defender who made the pick, became the offense when he intercepted the ball. You must have benefited from the Saints D getting the score. I am neither a Meachem owner or a Saints D owner, but the play needs to be score correctly as a TD for Meachem.

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      • Interesting analysis, but using your same logic, who gets credit for the fumble recovery? I think if you try to reason this one out, you can go around in circles forever.

        For what it's worth, the NFL scored it as a 44-yard fumble return for a touchdown.

      • I think you use the following logic to determine whether a scoring event is credited to the team's offense or defense: "Was the player (Meachem) completing the event(s) (fumble recovery and TD) acting as an offensive player or defensive player." By definition a fumble recovery from an opposing player is a defensive play which means Meachem is acting as a defensive player. Ergo, both events are scored as defensive events.

      • i assume todd is in the same position as a lot of us who are sick of this meachem shit. I don't own the sainst d or meachem and neither did my opponents so i did not benefit nor was i affected by the play in both of my leagues no one even owns meachem. But this getting ridiculous with all these stupid posts. And unless you have a stat for that in your league i doubt most people will get these points.

      • Exactly....the two previous guys are stupid....there were two turnovers in that play and if a turnover causes a change in possession then Meachum was def at the INT, and went back to offense when he recovered the fumbled...so it should be an off TD for him

    • This doesnt make any sense. How does an offensive player become a defensive player? So if a safety gets and interception, he now becomes an offensive player? I guess that means defenses cant score touchdowns,

      BTW-I own Meachum and he got credit for the TD.

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      • In my Yahoo league in the scoring & settings under Offense there is scoring of 6 points for offensive fumble recovery TD but Meachem hasn't got credit for the TD (yet). This must be causing havoc because Stat Tracker is giving 2 points to the Saints def/st but not the TD. On my league's overview page Yahoo has given both the fumble recovery & the TD to the Saints def/st. What a mess within Yahoo!!!

      • I would check again because he DID NOT get credit for the TD in my league. Think of it this way. OFF throws a pick and the DEF returns it for a TD. The INT was made as a DEF and the ensuing TD is a defensive return TD. Now, how is that any different. There was a change of possession once and WASH tried to return the pick, Meachem, acting as a defender, causes another change of possession and returns it for a TD. It is clearly a defensive TD and anyone who says differently does not know anything about football.

      • Bob Todd clarified what he said I know it might be hard to read all these posts but here: No my point is that possession changes hands on the int even though no whistles blows. And that those on offense are then forced to play defense and tackle which meachem did brilliantly. Now technically it is a fumble recovery by the offense and a returned td, but most leagues don't have that statistic. There is precedent from a Jacksonville game a few years ago. But depending on your league and yahoo meachem owners might not see points. And the major point is that this isn't the only freakin issues in fantasy but the boards are consumed with it.

    • So I guess there should never be a D touchdown

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      • Good point, Rob. I will start by saying I do have a dog in the fight because my opponet has the Saints D, but no one on the D did anything. It was a WR lined up for an Offensive play. There should be no fumble rec or TD credited to anyone unlesss your league rewards Offensive Fumble Rec TDs, which is very few of them, I'm sure. Though, now I would expect more leagues to add that category next year because Meacham made a helluva play and someone should get credit for it.

      • That is the point everyone seems to miss

        if the defense becomes the offence as soon as the interception, then there would never be a defensive touchtown

        also, if the washington player returned that interception for a TD, the saint D would not have been charged for those points against, so that way of looking at it is simply not correct

    • No, you couldn't be more wrong. After Washington' defensive player intercepted it, the offensive unit does not become the defense. Had Washington returned the interception for a TD, NO defense would not have been charged for giving up the touchdown, so since Meachem, a player on NO's offensive unit, scores a TD, NO defense should not be credited for it.

    • OK. I would buy that except for two things:

      1) Yahoo didn't award the DEF the TD. (In my league at least).
      2) There is an Offensive scoring category for "Offensive fumble recovery for a TD" that awards 6 points.

      If its the NO defense on the field once the INT happens then the D should get 6 (btw...its given the fumble recovery).

      Does point #2 only apply if an Offensive player picks up a ball fumbled by their own team and runs it in for 6?

    • Actually Todd, you are wrong.

      Note: This play is NOT scored as a Defensive Fumble Recovery TD for the Saints Team Defense position, since their defensive unit was not on the field during that play.

      One common "urban legend" we've heard about this play mentions "the NFL scores this as a defensive play". While that sounds like a convincing argument, unfortunately, it's not correct. The gamebook from the Saints/Redskins game most clearly indicates this, where, on page 5, it has a "Final Defensive Statistics" page. Note the statistics for Meacham's tackle, forced fumble, and fumble recovery are listed under the "Misc" heading, and not under the "Regular Defensive Plays" heading. So while the Saints, and Meacham, were in fact defending their goal at the time he stripped the ball away, the Saints offensive team unit, and not their defensive team unit, were on the field at the time of this play, and therefore, we feel that most leagues will want to not score this as a touchdown awarded to the Saints "Def" position. In short, the "Def" position is simply an invention made up by us fantasy footballers for the benefit of our hobby, and not anything that the NFL officially recognizes.

    • Thats easy for you to say, he is still an individual player who is on my roster that carried a leather ball across the goal line and into the endzone for a TOUCHDOWN, and that is a point producing play that should be reflected on my lineup regardless of who started with the ball on the play

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      • I think some people need to realize that it's not totally relevant how the NFL or "official" stats consider whether the Saints were on offense or defense during the play.

        The DEF player position is an invention of fantasy football and exists only in that world. And in that world, DEF is the defensive squad of the team - i.e. the players who oppose the offensive squad of the opponent as the opponent runs offensive plays.

        So the matter of whether or not a team switches from offense to defense on an interception might be debatable in the context of overall NFL rules and stats, but for Fantasy Football, it's irrelevant. The New Orleans Saints' DEF player position was on the sideline during the play and should be thus ineligible for any scoring on the play.

    • As a Meachem owner I'm good he still got me 26 pts

    • well said. unfortunately half of the people on here dont really know the rules of actual football. they just know the rules of fantasy football.

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      • if thats the case then no def should get any points because they would instatly become off.. and i have been enjoying football way before i started playing ff but this is not real football its fantasy football and meachem was the one one who ended up in the end zone while the offense was on the field.. the way u say is that if wash scores instead of getting stripped then the def gets the points occording to the ff rules (not nfl rules) then NO offense was still on the field. yes i own meachem & still would have won regardless.. but some people got screwed bottom line!!

    • LMFAO

      Not only did I bench Meachem this week (Avant looked like a better start with DeSean Jackson out), I was also playing against New Orleans defense.

      Fuck. That. Ironic. Shit.

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