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    Meachem Crybaby Owners!

    He doesn't get anything for that play. After the int it is a change of possession and New Orleans is no longer on offense but defense. So it is fumble recovery and td by the defense. You don't get individual points for defensive plays unless you have roster spots for individual defensive players in your league like a lb, cb, or de now stfu already and stop your f--king b-tching!

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    • I had both New Orleans Defensr and Robert Meachem and neither recieved point WHY?????????????????????????

    • I am not a Meachem owner but he scored a touchdown he should get points for it.The saints D can only get points when the washington offense is on the field. Both offensive and defensive players can get the same stats except defensive players get interceptions and offensive players get receptions. Tackles and touchdowns go both ways. They are the same action. If your league counts return yards(which it shouldn't) they go both ways to. Since the D is a collective unit they do not get points unless the other teams offense is on the field. Just because Meachem made a defensive move does not mean he is a defensive player. Yahoo is wrong to contribute the forced fumble to the defense. People using the logic that Meachem became part of the defense are clearly wrong because if that were the case any defensive touchdown would have to count against the other teams defense. Just because certain fantasy sites do things incorrectly does not make them right. The commissioners have the power to change it and should. Meachem scored a touchdown he should get points. He scored the touchdown while the washington defensive unit was on the field. He is not and never will be a member of the saints D until I see him out there playing against the other teams offense. Case closed

    • So here's my take, I suppose:
      Going by my points in my league, change as you see fit

      Drew Brees Interception (-2 pts)
      Kareem Moore Interception (+2 pts (+Interception Return Yardage pts if implemented))
      Kareem Moore Fumble (-2 pts)
      Robert Meachem Fumble Recovery (+2 pts (+Fumble Return Yardage pts if implemented))
      Robert Meachem Touchdown (+6 pts)

      Robert Meachem is neither a defensive player or selectable as an IDP. Drew Brees gets intercepted, turning the offense (Saints) into the defense, and the defense (Washington) into the offense, during the fumble return. Once the ball is fumbled, the Saints return to offense and Washington returns to defense, and the touchdown is scored by the offense, by Robert Meachem. The only points I see awarded for defensive play is the interception by Washington and the fumble recovery by the Saints. Besides, there's a category under OFFENSE that deals directly with this problem: Offensive Fumble Return TD. Touchdown Meachem, Saints D gets nothing.

    • For once I agree with you Todd!!! Ya'll are filling up the message boards with you damn crying. Get over it!!

    • so if you have an int go back for a touchdown does this go against your def if you have the def that the qb threw the int Offense League Value Yahoo! Default Value
      Passing Yards 25 yards per point
      Passing Touchdowns 4
      Interceptions -1
      Rushing Yards 10 yards per point
      Rushing Touchdowns 6
      Reception Yards 10 yards per point
      Reception Touchdowns 6
      Return Touchdowns 6
      2-Point Conversions 2
      Fumbles Lost -2
      Offensive Fumble Return TD 6

    • No crybaby here... doesnt make a difference on my scores this week .... explain this one since your so intelligent!
      Ok so using your logic.... When the Washington Defense intercepted Brees they became the offense and NO the defense... so then Meachem strips the ball shouldnt he then go back to an offensive player? If this logic was true no defense would ever score a td. because when they recover a fumble...or interception... and score...they would have then become a offensive player at the point of the fumble/interception....

    • You morons should've just drafted Marques Colston and this all could've been avoided.

      Seriously, has 6 points and Robert Meachem REALLY been the deciding factor in SO many matchups?

    • meachem owners unite! i own meachem in another league and i got massive points on his massive day, as i should have. i also employed the saints defense in that league, which did not get points for that play because they were never on the field (ie: saints offense is not saints defense/special teams). i got points for meachem's play, because he was the individual (offensive, or not) who made the play. offensive players will never score points for your defense, unless there is some bizarre or rare circumstance in which an offensive player makes it to both sides of the ball in two different positions, in two different plays. offense is not made defense, nor vice versa, due to possession changes...IF this were the case, then it should follow LOGICALLY that defensive touchdowns would actually be offensive touchdowns, as the defense getting the ball would make any subsequent maneuver an OFFENSIVE one. since this is not the case, MEACHEM ought to get the points. he's not even on my yahoo team, but i feel for whoever's got him and doesn't have his points.

    • Hmm your smart cause meachem owners are getting an offensive fumble recovery for touchdown. You should check the rules!

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