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  • KG KG Dec 3, 2009 12:01 PM Flag

    Get'er done!!!!!

    Hey y'all u think a fellur like me can make the playoffs?
    1st place 8-2
    2nd place 6-4(2x)
    4th 5-5
    5th 4-6 (ME)
    6th 1-9

    Me vs 5-5 team this week (huge game=winner gets tie break)
    Me vs 8-2 final week
    5-5 team vs 6-4 team, and Me

    My team:
    Brees, Schaub
    MJD, R Rice, P Thomas, Addai
    Megatron, Colston, S Rice, DJAX, M Austin, Burelson
    V Davis
    Nate Kaeding
    Narleans D

    5-5 team:
    Romo, Rivers
    AP, B Jacobs, M Lynch, McGahee
    R Moss, AJ, S Holmes, VJAX, D Driver
    Kellen Winslow, Zach Miller
    Dan Carpenter
    NE D

    8-2 team:
    M Ryan, Rodgers
    Chris Johnson, Slaton, R Brown, R Williams
    R Wayne, Boldin, MSW, Greg Jennings
    D Clark, John Carlson
    NYG, PHI

    6-4 team 5-5 is playing final week:
    Brady, Flacco
    T Jones, Forte, Turner, Benson
    B Marshall, P Harvin, R White, A Caldwell, S Smith(NY)
    Witten, Heath Miller
    John Carney
    MINN D

    (players infront are currently starting) 1qb 2rb 3wr 1te 1k 1d
    (ex/Brees, MJD, Rice, Colston, Megatron...)

    Can I doit?

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    • I don't get it. Six team leagues make every team stacked. The 8-2 team doesn't look any better than your team. After the free agent pickups of Austin and Rice, your team is every bit as good as the 8-2 team. I can only assume you've been an idiot and have started Megatron all year or something. Just to let you know, your starting WRs this week should be Rice/Colston/Austin. You know that, right? And you should be starting Addai over Thomas.


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