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    Greatest Move of All Time?

    Flashback to week 10. I have Ronnie Brown and PT. Vincent Jackson and Dwayne Bowe are my WRs. During the week, I was trying to work out a trade for Marques Colston. I wanted to give up Pierre Thomas, seeing as how I had Steven Jackson. The other owner ends up saying let's wait and see what happens this week. Colston performs badly, and he's pissed. I come over that night and ask him about Colston for Ronnie Brown. He agrees, so we do the trade. The next morning, I don't want to call him up because it's early, but I'm having second thoughts about the trade, so I go on to his account and veto it (he's the commissioner).

    Now, he says that that's kind of bullshit, so I end up caving. Now, keep in mind Brown is looking like he's only missing 1 week at this point. I end up getting more for him.

    Trade goes down: Brown for Colston, Greg Olsen, and Knowshon Moreno

    Now, I upgrade at TE from Antonio Gates, who's been a disappointment. I end up trading him for Calvin Johnson.

    Then, in a stroke of silver tongue, I talk another owner, who's the bitch of our league, into trading Maurice Jones-Drew and Sydney Rice for Pierre Thomas, Mike Sims-Walker, Calvin Johnson, and Jamaal Charles.

    Keep in mind, this is at the wire just days before the deadline. Now, my team looks like this:

    QB: Phillip Rivers
    WR: Vincent Jackson
    WR: Marques Colston
    WR: Sydney Rice
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
    RB: Steven Jackson
    TE: Greg Olsen
    K: Nate Kaeding
    DEF: Cincinatti/Denver

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