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    Does the Fat Lady Sing?

    I was offered Jonathan Stewart for Jamaal Charles? Should I accept or not and why?

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    • its a tough call because both teams are going to use two backs now...sometimes three for kc...jonathan stewert may see endzone more because he seems to get more red zone carries...plus his line is a lot better than kc...i would def take stewart over charles

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      • thanks bill i agree i don't like the kc offense that much and i see without bowe more struggles as they stack the box and they only have one rushing td carolina is the third best running team and stewart has 6 tds already and he will get more hell he will have more than the whole kc team probably in the next 5 games then kc has all season

    • anyone

    • anyone?

    • anyone else?

    • It is a pretty close call. I'd almost have to say that with bowe being ousted for the next 4 weeks, that more pressure will be put on Charles, and his touches will go up. What remains to be seen is if he can take the extra load without having a legit #1 WR to take some of the pressure off.
      Stewart has been more consistent and dependable.
      I think all told, Stewart is probably the better between the two, but not by much. Especially for this week, as Charles will be running against Pittsburgh

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      • i think that with bowe being out charles numbers will go up but that doesn't necessarily mean success, since you have one less weapon and your best player out teams will stack the box and dare cassel to beat them with you guessed chris chambers that will be disastrous and charles will be shut down in more games or get 50 to 60 yards with no tds at least when bowe was there they had to worry about a deep threat not any more and that allowed chris chambers to get open and produce chambers isn't good enough to be the wr 1 and he will get shut down by the other teams best corner which means the offense will rest on charles but I used to coach football and if you have only one weapon then you really can't be effective moving the ball becuase the other team will shut that down even carolina has a decent threat at wr in smith dehlomme may not be able to pass but it beats what kc has and makes it easier for both williams and stewart to run cause you have to at least cover him

    • he might use charles and i might use stewart it just depends on matchupscarolina has a better offense and running game and the stats support that they have scored 13 rushing tds to kc 1 stewart has six of those by the end of the year he should have at least 9 to 10 tds maybe more charles won't come close to that and i think stewart will get more opportunities then charles even though he splits time with williams the panthers are the 3rd ranked running team in the nfl the chiefs about 27 so they are about the same but charles won't have many games like he did against the raiders i know the play the browns and bills still but im not expecting much from kc so they might but up similar rushing numbers but from here on out stewart should outscore charles and that means points

    • Depends on if either of you two will ever use either of them. But I think they are both about even.

    • can anyone help please i would appreciate it


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