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  • Partyack Partyack Nov 16, 2009 8:10 PM Flag

    I want Moss! help me get him

    my team
    Wayne Colston Austin Rice BUrleson Crbatree
    MJD Turner Lt Wells
    NO BAL

    His team
    Brees Cassel
    Moss Owens Manningham Meachem
    Westbrook PT Hightower

    i sent LT and Colston and get moss and snag Snelling

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    • Moss is #2 WR in my non-PPR league right now, you're going to have to make an offer that reflects that.

      LT/Wells just doesn't cut it. Sidney Rice (and Colston, and pretty much all the other WR's you want to trade him) are a downgrade for him and neither of those RB's is a whole lot better than what he could snag off the waiver wire. Hightower has an outstanding playoff matchup, and rest of season schedule.

      I'm thinking you're going to have to give up like, either Rice or Colston, along with Crabtree (great playoff matchups, make sure to mention that) AND LT or Wells (his choice).

      Otherwise, if he doesn't bite, you'll have to give up a combination that includes Turner: Rice AND Turner AND Crabtree.

      He's got no incentive to give you Moss otherwise. Crabtree will be a playoff timeframe upgrade for his WR, Sidney Rice gets focus from Favre so he's around the same level as Moss except Rice seems to miss out on the TD's enough to make his value a decent clip lower. Turner is likely out for a minimum of 2-3 weeks, so the recipient wouldn't be able to play him for almost a month, and that would be a gamble on their part.

      You'll need to pay out if you really want Moss.

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      • For an example of what I'm *offering* up for the #3 WR (Fitzgerald - ARI) in my non-PPR league:

        Ricky Williams (remember, Ronnie Brown is injured so Ricky will be their feature back, and MIA has a rather good schedule including playoffs)


        Bernard Berrian (MIN - WR)

        Offering to a guy who has Cedric Benson, who might be out a couple of weeks, and who has PT as his RB2 (and LT as his backup).

        I'm not even sure he'll bite on that, and it's a rather solid offer especially given the circumstances. A surefire offer to make it go through (in my mind) would have been Ricky Williams and Sidney Rice (whom I had before I traded him away as part of a trade to acquire AP a few weeks ago). All I've got left is Berrian and Ricky that I'm willing to trade.

    • id try LT/austin for moss straight up or wells/rice for moss

    • I would try to get him to bight on Austin if you could instead of Colston but I Colston would be my second choice. Unfortunately with turner out for a bit you need a decent RB to back up. Snelling could do you well but it's a gamble. If youre set to make the playoffs already i'd say do it if he'll accept


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