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  • Larry Larry Nov 14, 2009 5:08 AM Flag

    Was Offered Ray Rice

    I was offered this Ray Rice trade. What do you guys think??? I love it, but will probably pass because I'm a favorite to win it all in my league and I hate the week 16 relative playoff matchup between Rice (Steelers) and Gore (Lions). Rice probably outscores Gore every week between now and week 16, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Rice put up 10 points that week and Gore 20+ pts.

    Sucks though. I really want Rice and wouldn't mind getting Manning for Rodgers (even though Rodgers is the #1 fantasy QB so far). Not a big fan of Welker since this is a non-PPR league.

    I know I know...Rodgers is going to get hurt. Please give me tomorrow's lottery numbers too while you're at it.

    I give: Rodgers/Gore/Austin
    I get: P Manning/RRice/Welker

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    • I rejected the trade and just made this counteroffer:

      I give: Rodgers/Jennings/Gore

      I get: PManning/Welker/RRice

      With the circumstances, Manning should be an upgrade to Rodgers. Welker is clearly an upgrade to Jennings. This compensates me for getting rid of Gore, who I think is an upgrade to Ray Rice (based solely on week 16 matchup).

    • I wouldn't blame you for not doing the trade but I would give more thought into Rodgers' health down the stretch. It's just common sense. He's been beaten up more than any other QB this season. He takes more sacks, gets knocked down more, and runs as much or more than any other QB in the league. Peyton is just the opposite. He rarely gets sacked and doesn't get knocked down more than 3 or 4 times a game at the most. I like your reason on Gore over Rice come playoff time. So I can see reasons not to make the trade, but don't over look the health concern on Rodgers down the stretch.

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      • Thanks man, this trade is too hard to call. I wish someone else made the decision for me. I could live with the trade either way.

        Sucks, the guy was thinking about doing the trade for Mendenhall instead, but someone else in the league talked him out of that and said he needed to get Gore in return.

    • yea dude do the trade... ray rice's offense did nothing last week and he still got 25 points.... plus manning is 20 times better than rodgers... i woould of already hit the accept button

    • 2 of the 3 players are better than what you have. Welker is still an ok receiver. Pull the trigger! A Rog will be dead before the season is over!!! P.S. Ray Ray catches a shit load off screen passes.

    • If I had someone trading Manning AND Rice I'd take it!!! Manning plays indoors and has great protection, GB will be freezing soon and Rodgers get beaten each week. Gore had a good week, but I have Rice(Go RU!!) on my team, he's gotten so good Bmore has gone away from splittin touches w/him and Willis. Also Dfenses are starting to pay more attention to Austin, who beat a bad attempt at double-coverage last wk at Philly to score on 1 of his few touches. Welker is the slot, go-to guy for Brady.

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      • You might be right.

        But I think Austin is the Ray Rice of WRs this year. Everyone has been saying that Ray Rice's production will fall off because they'll shade him with a LB or saftey out of the backfield. His rushing stats are already suffering. Why aren't you as concerned about Ray Rice as you are about safeties shadowing Austin? I don't really buy into the theory regarding either player. I think their past results have been solid and there's not reason to expect a falloff.

        Manning's production is ok, but it's not Rodgers-like. Injuries are a concern. Manning is on pace to throw more than he has in any season. I'm worried about his arm...though that might not take effect until next year.

    • Take the trade and be thankful that guy was dumb enough to do that. Although you have a great team, nobody is ever a lock to win it all. You have to give yourself the best chance to get to the title game. That has to be your #1 priority. Take the treade!!!!!

    • This is a serious trade, boys. I need some help on this.

    • This is a close trade...you'll definitely need to think of position (teams that secure playoffs early and sit starters...like NE) and how the latter weeks will play out to decide on this trade.

      Welker vs. Austin - I'm in a non-PPR league and I've got Austin. He's been up and coming recently, but it won't take too long for other teams to key in on him. His production is great now, but expect it to taper off. Welker is consistantly catching passes in the post, and Brady/NE are not too concerned about "running up the score"...they've proven they will, but if NE secures a playoff spot early...expect them to sit their starters like they always do...

      Rice vs. Gore....This is a trade I'm not all too comfortable with. SF is more 1-dimensional to keep Alex Smith out of trouble so they will run, and run often. Flacco's turned out to be a decent QB and he's shown that he has a good arm. They are not as reliant on the running game as SF is. Rice is probably the better back (younger, faster), but like you said...week 16 match-up...can you live with a consistant 10-13 pts (Rice)....or do you want the 20-30 point potential (Gore)?

      Manning vs. Rodgers...I like Manning for the consistancy...but if Indy keeps this up and secures a playoff spot early....Manning's numbers will revert to pre-season-esque numbers....GB may have to keep fighting just to make it to the post-season so expect Rodgers to play more often and produce better numbers late.

      If it were up to me, I'd not trade. Seems like you're doing well in the league....getting Manning is tempting...but I'd pass.


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    • On the surface, I think you would be upgrading at all three positions (at least in a PPR league, which I am in). But I think you're smart to be positioning for the playoffs. Gore should tear it up in week 16, although Rice may get a lot of receiving yards against a good run D like the Steelers. I have Peyton Manning, and I'm a bit worried about him not playing full games in the final weeks. That seems to be a common fear around these message boards, but I really have no idea if that's something Indy does routinely when they have their homefield advantage and all of that wrapped up. It might be good for them to lose a couple of games or to be fighting for a perfect record at the end of the season. Knowing Manning, he wouldn't care about records, though, so it's up to the coaching staff. I guess this is all to say that I really don't know. I would take the trade in a PPR league, but your team really may be better off as it is, and like "they" say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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