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  • dubyadipp dubyadipp Nov 12, 2009 1:09 AM Flag

    YOU KIDDING ME??? Expert Reply Please

    its not bad. closest i've seen yet, but i think i've still got you beat.

    tie at qb.

    two of your top 3 receivers are mine as well (fitz and mega), but i've got Andre and Marshall as well. ocho is nice, but i'd take either before him.

    your RBs rock, but depending on how you play the league (ex. flex), i think i'm deeper with Rice, Sjax, Pierre, and now Barber (since I just traded away K. Smith since he's looked like poo). Big win on that one I'm hoping.

    I'll take Clark over Shockey any day. Maybe shockey heads up for schianco, my backup.

    good team though.

    9 -1 now.


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