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  • dubyadipp dubyadipp Nov 11, 2009 10:53 PM Flag

    YOU KIDDING ME??? Expert Reply Please

    I'm having a conversation with a buddy, and he can't truly see how crazy good the team i have is this year.

    please give me your comments on what you would give to have this team in any of your leagues.

    first off, i'm not a rookie. i've been playing for years and we have a keeper league. this year i started with a block of receivers and went for broke on backs with potential, so don't give me any comments on how much my league must suck to come up with something like this.

    i've killed on trades, and think i've put together fantasy gold.

    i'm only looking to shove it in my buddy's face, so direct any comments towards.

    thanks boys.


    QB - Schaub - Top 3 -5
    (Backup - Flacco)

    WR - Fitz (keeper)
    Andre Johnson (keeper ) - combo with Schaub
    Calvin Johnson (hurt, but no worries because backed up by
    Brandon Marshall

    (all receivers are top tier recievers on any manager's team, so a 4 way combo is ridiculous)

    RB - Pierre (starting to get his, also on a killer team)
    Ray Rice - Top 4
    S Jax (acquired via trade) - top 3 rusher, later bloomer
    M the Barbarian (acquired via trade) - soon. very soon.

    TE - D. Clark (acquired via trade) #1 no doubt
    (Shank as backup)

    K - Longwell (Top 3)

    DEF - play weekly. works for me.

    I'm thinking it is at least worth a left nut.

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