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  • Tommy C Tommy C Nov 5, 2009 11:38 PM Flag

    2 Risky ?? helpplz

    WESTBROOK is on the block in my lg.



    do i trade 3 bench players to get him... this would deplete my bench allthough i dont have any bye's left from my starters reserves always come in handy...THE FA POOL IS WEAK 12 TEAM LG.

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    • it wont work...your trading 1 good, 2 terrible backs for one EXCELLENT back(IF HEALTHY)

      so if he accepts great...

      but think of it from his end, he will have to drop 2 players and i doubt they are worse than Nicks & Jones.

      Do Lynch/SOMEONE for Westbrook/SOMEONE

    • I would check his roster and see what he may need help with before giving up 3 players for one guy. if he has soild players just give him the top of those three. then if he doesn't go for it, then go top 2, and if he still refuse i would say forget get it. westbrook is not worth three player when he is injury pron himself. but in the end it is your choice on what to do.

    • Depends on what he's looking for. He may not accept the trade. Also depends on if Westbrook would be a starter for you. He's a great back but it is very risky since he's injury prone...I'd go for it if your RBs are weak though.

    • If Westy becomes a starter for you with the trade you should still have a solid bench guy "just in case". I don't think it's a horrible trade, but I'd try to find a WR on waivers with some upside to compensate for the loss.


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