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  • Will Will Oct 17, 2009 3:36 PM Flag

    answer mine post yours!!!

    I was just getting ready to scoot... but your team is interesting and I wanna try to help.... of that list I guess 3 guys intrigue me... and I'm not sure in what order.... Choice - Sproles and McCoy.... and the only reason McCoy is like Donald Brown... if the #1 RB goes down... he's in a PREMIER postion as a RB in a top-flight situation... (I've stashed Brown in 3 leagues) ... look at what happened to Mendenhall once he got a shot.... and honestly I guess Harrison in Cleveland might be in a simualr boat - except that offense is no where near as potent.

    bottom line... I'd drop N Wash and Buff and grab 2 of those guys.... probably with Choice being 1 for sure... then probably McCoy but I could be talked into Sproles....

    gotta scoot... I hope I helped you a bit today....


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