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  • Tre Campbell Tre Campbell Oct 1, 2009 7:33 PM Flag

    Peterson Trade!

    Portis is washed up! He couldn't get points against St. Louis and Detroit!! If you could get 45 points out of 1 player (Peterson) and still have 2 open slots to play other players or get 15 points from Portis, 15 from Ocho Stinko and 15 from Vernon Davis, why would you even consider taking the trade. The goal in fantasy football is to score as many points as possible. If you have one of the few players that are capable of scoring 40-50 points in any given game you should never trade them, unless of course someone offers you something you can't turn down. Use the waiver wire and play the match-ups, hell, make a trade or two, but don't trade away your elite guys unless you get equal or better value!!


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