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  • angel angel Sep 28, 2009 7:54 PM Flag


    Alright people here goes a little rent. As many of us saw sunday, anything can happen is the nfl. I saw the bangles beat the steelers, drew brees not throw a td, matt forte be relativly quiet aganist a banged up seattle defense, and the lions beat the redskins. Just like these real things happend in real life there were just as many surprises in the fantasy world. Every website and many people who post here claim to be gurus and know alls, are lying to you. Odds are your gut feeling and your opinion as a valid as any guru. I've seen guys claim to know everything because they've won 8 out of the ten years they've been playing fantasy football, but ask yourself who were they playing against and what were thier rulles. i can win 8 out of ten years in a shallow leauge with skewed leauge rules and so can your girlfriend picking players based on thier "cuteness". I dont claim to be a guru, but i do l claim to be doing well in my leauges and constantly reading and researching the nfl and fantasy world. I claim to give you my valid opinion and back it up with some facts. I wont tell you to start leftwhich, pick up murphey from the raiders, or jamal charles from the chiefs, like these yahoo researchers have done so. So ask away and do so at your descrecion. Some of the good picks i had, ricky williams, brent celeck, sitting mannigham, starting sims walker, starting chris johnson, and starting pierre thomas. I also picked the lions to win, the falcons and steelers to lose and thought that the tennesse jets matchup would be close. Nothin to crazy but i was right. I was wrong on starting ward, forte, sitting willie parker and cedric benson, and marques colton and the washington defense. Alright enough out of me ask before the kickoff.

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