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  • Craig Craig Sep 24, 2009 7:47 PM Flag

    Ask ANY Questions, HERE ALL DAY!!!

    We start two QB's....right now I have five....RIvers, Cassel, Garrard, Favre, and Leftwich. I have been offered Stephen Jackson for Rivers......I would use Jackson as a flex, as I already have Turner and C.Johnson at RB.

    I am afraid of Jackson's injury history, and the fact the St. Louis offense sucks so far......but I could fill the QB spots with two of the other four, and upgrade at flex with Jackson.....help.

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    • Don't give your opponent Rivers unless he already has depth at QB, otherwise you are giving him a gift. I think Jackson is good to have at this point, the Rams have no passing game or O-line, they will be relying on Jackson more.