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  • Double D Double D Sep 22, 2009 4:52 AM Flag

    Matt Ryan for Julius Jones and Manningham?

    I am commissioner and I just vetoed a Matt Ryan for Julius Jones/Manningham trade because it looked lop-sided. But, am I jumping the gun? Should I allow the trade to go through or veto it in fairness for the league?

    Here's the message I'm writing the league. Should I say anything else?-

    I understand AJ has Peyton Manning as his starter and figured Ryan was expendable, but this really isn't fair value-wise. Julius Jones and Mario Manningham are the waiver wire wonders of the week(look at how Jones did after week 3 last year). Matt Ryan is still a well-rated starter for many leagues. This isn't a absolutely horrible, but it really favors the Matt Ryan side. A 5th-8th Round player traded for an 11th rounder and an undrafted player doesn't appear fair.

    If anyone thinks they should have the trade because they feel it's fair enough and thinks the trade should be allowed, voice your opinion/reasoning.

    I can still put the trade through.

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    • Put it thru man. Veto doesn't exist so that you can judge peoples trades it is there to avoid cheating. Fair or not, if theres no obvious cheating (smebody with 2 teams, somebody giving away all there players etc) there should be no veto.

    • well honestly, if the ryan side NEDS a jump start @ wr, or they believe that super mario will be the second coming of randy moss, he should be allower to invest in it... ryan IS expendable to someone who has the sheriff payton manning. in my league i got ryan off a guy who had brady starting for cutler and hines ward... yes, 2 pro bowl guys (and a SB MVP) for a guy I believe in, and I hate cutler. Veto is for a trade like:

      Brady and Reggie wayne for jason elam and bears def.

      if they wanna trade let em play!


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