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  • Daniel D Daniel D Sep 21, 2009 6:29 PM Flag

    Think Ur smart.. Answer this

    Ariz has a bye week in week 4.. so I lose both Fitz and Bolden. I need to get some WR's or I'm gonna get smoked that week.

    Manningham is FA FOR NOW!, but I would have to drop someone. Which I don't really want to do since there is a limit.

    Option A
    So I'm looking to trade a QB and RB for a good WR. This will give me an extra position to sign Manningham. If he's available after 48 hour veto time.

    Option B
    I was almost thinking of dropping my D for Manningham since my D has yet to earn me a single point. Screw it... play without one? I'm winning without any points from them. I could always pick one up when I need it!

    Option C
    Just Drop Matt Ryan. This would kill me because he has some serious value.

    Option D
    Drop John Carleson... Who I just picked up and I think he's gonna be productive.

    Any ideas?

    10 Team PPR for $1000 pot. 10 move limit. I'm at 5
    My team:

    QB Drew Brees
    WR Larry Fitzgerald
    WR Anquan Bolden
    WR Chad Ochocinco
    RB Ryan Grant
    RB Fred Jackson
    TE/WR John Carlson
    BN Marshawn Lynch
    BN Darren Sproles
    BN Thomas Jones
    BN Matt Ryan
    BM Matt Shaub
    K Rob Bironas
    DEF Pittsburgh

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    • or leave ur team i mean week four ur probably going lose but the rest of the way ur good to go u hav a great team

    • you have amazing quartebacks like thats unreal the people you have their so i would do something about the quartebacks, or drop ur d even though its pitt theyre really good but this season going be though for them like how they bearley won vs tenn and lost to bears going be big points and close games

    • I think i'm smart enough not to pick 2 receivers on the same team, which my best friend did, and like u he's jammed up but he traded Boldin away for 2 good not great WR's which would be ur option "E". but i like option "A" u have a good team and can afford,then go with "B" to help ur self out even more. Use b and get ur boy then use ur trade to pick up a proven WR

    • Try trading either Schaub ( who usually gets hurt), or Lynch (who will not be the top player he was last year) for 2-3 WR's from one or two other teams through trades?

    • Drop Marshawn Lynch. Even when he does come back, Fred Jackson will take away alot of carries from him. There is no reason to have Fred Jackson and Marshawn on your team when they play on the same team. Also drop Matt Scahub or trade him. No reason to have 3 Qb's with a small bench like that. You should start Drew Brees every week besides his bye week, and on his bye week start Matt Ryan. Matt Schaub will never start over those two.

    • dude yea ur fucked in week 4 but the rest of the way ur good. So i wouldnt touch ur team.

    • Drop Schaub, or figure out a trade. You don't need all three of those qb's. You'll use Brees every week aside from his BYE anyways and Matt Ryan is a great second choice, especially now with T Gonzalez to target in the red zone.

    • IDEA #1...don't know why you have brees, ryan, and schaub...but someone has to be hurting for a QB...i have Ryan and was the last guy to take a QB and i've been happy...Ryan might be a good trade bait...same with schaub...i don't know who has the better matchup tho during Brees' bye week...I would try and send Ryan and Sproles to the LT owner (assuming he doesn't have a solid QB) and grab someone..

      IDEA #2..in wk 5 for you...Brees, Grant, and Sproles will be on BYES, and assuming Fred Jackson is splitting time you're down on a RB that week...all you have is Lynch, Jackson and T Jones...IMO a bunch of split backs...so with that in mind i would try and do the above trade of a QB and RB for a WR and RB in return...(one that isn't on a bye in wk 5)

      hope this makes sense

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      • I trade Percy Harvin and Micheal Vick for Thomas Jones and Matt Shaub!!! Sucker!!!!

        The dude with LT has Cholsten. Mabye a good match up with Brees. I don't think he'll take sproles and ryan for cholsten.

        I like your thinking. Your the only one smart enough to acually respond!!! Thanks holmes!!

        I think I'm about to drop Carleson for Maningham. I don't want to do it, but I don't want to see Maningham kick butt and know I could of had him.

        Then... I do what u say! I trade Matt Ryan + someone else for a bad ass WR or RB.


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