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  • Chad G Chad G Sep 9, 2009 12:18 PM Flag

    Fitz Trade!!

    Im looking to uprgrade my WR spot. Looking to target Fitz for H Ward & some of my bench players. The guy Im targeting needs serious help at RB. He is starting J Stewart in a 10 team league.

    My Team:
    S Jax
    T Gonzo
    Philly Def
    B - Royal
    B - W Parker
    B - L Johnson
    B - J Jones
    B - M Muhammed
    B - Garrard

    His Team:
    P Manning
    V Jackson
    A Gonzalez
    R Brown
    J Stewart
    Car Def
    B - D Jackson
    B - P Harvin
    B - E Manning
    B - F Jones
    B - W McGahee
    B - C Henry

    I know it will help my team as I will be solid at every position, but do you see him accepting the offer. What else could I do to intice him to accept it. What other players on my bench could I add to the trade?

    What about Ward, Royal & Parker for Fitz & Harvin. Does that make it more appealing?

    Any other ideas?

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