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  • Why is everyone so concerned with splitting carries? Ward split carries last year. So did Stewart. And MJD. And many others.....Jamal Charels will see plenty of time in KC. Thier O-line is terrible, along with the rest of the team. The Giants O-line is great and Bradshaw will see the same opportunities as Ward did last year.....I don't think its a horrible offer, but I can see where this guys coming from.

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    • The giants are a special case when it comes to splitting carries because Jacobs is so one dimensional (bashes defensive linemen into submission on ground plays but is useless on passing downs and in play action).

      I never did like Ward that much because I think he is a product of the Giant's offensive line and playbook, rather than a talent like Turner (whom everybody is overly optimistic about Ward emulating).

      I agree though - of the two Bradshaw is the guy to own there considering the low price you pay to get him - as a backup in the Giant's offense he'll more than likely out produce low end starters in several other teams...


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