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    30 minutes to answer your questions

    I will be here for the next 30-45 minutes to answer your fantasy football concerns

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    • Should I drop Crabtree for Isaac Bruce or Kevin Boss? Bruce could be the better talent, but getting Boss will make it easier to trade if I trade for another better tight end.

      12- team H2H league, 5th pick. 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 W/T, 1 K, 1 DEF

      QB- Ryan, Pennington

      WR- Calvin Johnson, Boldin, Ochocinco, Crabtree

      RB- Tomlinson, McFadden, Jonathan Stewart, Sproles, Donald Brown, James Davis

      TE- Zach Miller

      K- Prater

      DEF- Seattle (week 1 vs. Rams, maybe drop for Cincinnati)

      I know I don't have backup receiver relief. I dropped Miles Austin for James Davis. Most of the time I will have Calvin Johnson and Boldin starting, with Ochocinco at the W/T flex. But I'll have issues during their bye weeks (starting week 4).

      I'm thinking of trading for another tight end. That way, I can start them if Miller only does ok, and also put them in at flex during my WR bye weeks.

      Maybe packaging Stewart and Crabtree for say, Dallas Clark/Beanie Wells, Clark/Kevin Walter, Clark/Lance Moore, or LenDale White/John Carlson. Ray Rice/Torry Holt, Cooley/Santana Moss, Cooley/Santonio Holmes

      But are those packages better for my team than Stewart and Kevin Boss?

      I'm thinking of shopping Stewart for a less injury-prone, more reliable running back. I had thought Stewart got 10 td's while injured last year, and this year he'd get more touches and do better healthy, but his recent achilles news worries me. Or should I just hang onto him?

    • Vincent Jackson, Ronnie Brown
      Wes Welker, Fred Jackson, Roy Williams

      h2h league, .2 pt per rec, 20 years rec per point, 10 rush yards per point, starters: 2 wr, 2 rb, 1 wr/rb.

      Which set of players would you rather have?

    • 10 team h2h. any ideas on how I can improve??

      QB- Palmer
      WR- OchoCinco
      WR- Williams
      WR - Edwards
      RB - S. Jackson
      RD - Westbrook
      TE - Olson
      WR/RB - Ronnie Brown
      B- Cutler
      B- James Davis
      B- Kellen Winslow
      B - Mendenhall
      B- Mark Clayton
      B- Coffee

      K- Bironas

      Def- Tenn
      Def- NY Jets

    • Hey there,

      Just wondering what you think of my lineup here and how I did on draft. Any suggestions to improve?

      1. (5) Matt Forte
      2. (16) Calvin Johnson
      3. (25) Aaron Rodgers
      4. (36) Thomas Jones
      5. (45) Antonio Bryant
      6. (56) Marshawn Lynch
      7. (65) Greg Olsen
      8. (76) Lee Evans
      9. (85) Eli Manning
      10. (96) Laveranues Coles
      11. (105) Ray Rice
      12. (116) Miami
      13. (125) Muhsin Muhammad
      14. (136) Carolina
      15. (145) Rian Lindell

    • alright im starting pierre thomas and kevin smith.. one do you think they can be reliable running backs through out the season or should i look for a trade.. my receivers are calvin johnson, andre johnson and roy williams but its not a PPR league.. I also have darren mcfadden and beanie wells on the bench.. im not sure whether to insert darren mcfadden for a starter spot or to look into trading for a solid RB.. thanks

    • I was offered Portis & Berrian for my TO, K.Smith
      It is an 8-team keeper league with starter positions for each team listed below as well as relevant bench players. What should I counter-offer?

      His team:
      QB Brady, Cutler
      WR A.Johnson, C.Johnson, Jennings
      RB Turner, Portis
      TE Gates
      W/R R.Williams, McFadden
      BN Favre, Berrian, Chambers, Winslow, Hester, Ginn

      My team:
      QB Warner, Cassel
      WR Wayne, TO, V.Jackson
      RB MJD, Slaton
      TE Gonzalez
      W/R K.Smith, Bush
      BN Garrard, Wells, Driver, Coles, Moore, D.Brown

    • QB-Tony Romo,Jay Cutler
      RBS-MJD,Kevin Smith,Thomas Jones,Felix jones
      WR-Calvin Johnson,Bernard Berrian,Eddie Royal,Isaac Bruce,Michael Crabtree
      TE-Jason Witten,Jermichael Finley
      Kicker-Stephen Gostkowski
      This is reguarding(I offered Jay Cutler,Eddie Royal,and Felix Jones for Terrel Owens and Carson Palmer.Do I lose in this trade??? )Thanks

    • PPR Leaugue @ divisions 6 points for TD's everything else standard scoring. How's my team. Was going to offer a trade: C. Johnson, M. Hasslebeck for Andre Johnson, Eli Manning. (Really for Andre)

      1. (7) Steven Jackson
      2. (14) Chris Johnson
      3. (27) Clinton Portis
      4. (34) Aaron Rodgers
      5. (47) Antonio Gates
      6. (54) Chad Ochocinco
      7. (67) Pittsburgh
      8. (74) Santana Moss
      9. (87) Greg Olsen
      10. (94) Kellen Winslow
      11. (107) Julius Jones
      12. (114) Matt Hasselbeck
      13. (127) Rob Bironas
      14. (134) Isaac Bruce
      15. (147) Joey Galloway
      16. (154) San Diego

    • did i draft well and how far do u predict i will go?

      1. (5) Maurice Jones-Drew
      2. (16) Frank Gore
      3. (25) Greg Jennings
      4. (36) T.J. Houshmandzadeh
      5. (45) Chad Ochocinco
      6. (56) Tony Romo
      7. (65) Dallas Clark
      8. (76) Pierre Thomas
      9. (85) Steve Breaston
      10. (96) Larry Johnson
      11. (105) Matt Hasselbeck
      12. (116) Leon Washington
      13. (125) San Diego
      14. (136) Kris Brown
      15. (145) Kevin Boss

    • 8 Team - PPR
      Current WR: Fitz, Bowe, Owens, Cotchery, A. Gonzalez
      Current RB: Slaton, Chris Johnson, Kevin Smith

      I give: Fitz and Smith
      I get: Welker and Forte

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