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  • Char Char Sep 6, 2009 9:08 PM Flag

    Trade Back??

    So, in my money league with some buddies I was offered:

    K. Smith, H. Ward, Cutler, and H. Miller for Marshall, Favre, and Z. Miller

    Obviously, I think this is in my favor so I accepted it. The trade just went through. Our league has the 'League Vote' so if it is felt any trade is unfair everyone can vote on it and it would be vetoed and all of that. One of my friends told me he voted against it but that was the only one, there are 12 in the league. The guy who made the trade offer, though, told me he was just "joking" and he wanted me to trade back. I have rejected 50 trade offers from him and he said he thought I would even reject that. I just told him I thought that was a dumb joke. He wants me to trade back but I kept saying if you offer a trade you must be serious and everyone has an opportunity to vote against the trade but obviously not enough did.

    Am I in the wrong? What would you guys do? I don't want to screw a guy over so that's why I ask. But it's hard since it was offered to me, right before he texted me and said, "Hey, check the trade proposals." I didn't negociate or say anything to him. That, along with one more, were offered when I signed on.

    If you guys could let me know what I should do, negociate something back or stay put, that would be great! Thanks!

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