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    MJD or DWill: No Idiots Please.

    I have MJD, I want to trade him for DWill.

    The consensus is to keep MJD. I'm fine with that. The reasons though are absolutly retarded. (MJD will be a stud, DWill will spit carries, DWill was a fluke). Can someone give me an actual reason to keep MJD?

    The Jags schedule is much more runner friendly, but his ypc has dropped every year and that worries me. He also has never had more than 200 carries in a year so I'm questioning his stamina. DWill gets frequent rest times during the game so he is always fresh. MJD also has never surmounted 1000 yards. DWill did in his first year as a starter. Obviously MJD could be this years DWill, it just seems too easy though.

    Any knowledgable thoughts?

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    • I prefer MJD. He is the undisputed number one option and shouldn't split carries at all. It's great to be fresh and all, but less carries will still mean last yards. Williams can't expect to score 18 TD's again, I think that was a little bit of a fluke. Jake Delhomme really seems to be falling apart completely and the receivers are old.

      MJD is probably the premier backfield receiver in the NFL. You will get many extra yards that way. His YAC isn't great, I'll give you that. The way things have been going, you can expect about 300 more yards receiving out of MJD than Williams, at least. Let's say very conservatively that MJD carries 19 times a game at a 4.2 clip. That'll give you about 1275 total yards. Let's also say conservatively that MJD has about 550 yards receiving (he had more last year in a timeshare). That puts you at a total of 1825. Giving DWill 200 yards receiving (75 more than last year) he would need to get 1625 yards rushing to equal MJD's yard totals about 100 more than last year. With defenses keying on him, and the split with Stewart, that is a tall order. As far as touchdowns go, Williams had 20 total last year and Jones-Drew had 14 in a timeshare situation. I think the numbers will be about equal this year. There may be some concerns with stamina, but he's a solidly built guy who's low to the ground and should be able to absorb some pounding.

      D. Will is good, but I think MJD is better.

    • MJD

      Stop poluting the boards with non-sense!


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