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  • JSayloR7 JSayloR7 Sep 4, 2009 5:21 PM Flag

    McNabb a bust?

    Ok, so this is my team...

    QB Matt Cassel and Joe Flacco
    RB Adrian Peterson, Ryan Grant, Darren Sproles, Ahmad Bradshaw
    WR Andre Johnson, Anthony Gonzalez, Antonio Bryant, Bernard Berrian, Chris Chambers, Sidney Rice
    TE Antonio Gates
    DEF Chargers.

    Should i trade Cassel, Bryant, and Chambers for McNabb and Welker?

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    • if you had mcnabb and welker would you trade those players for cassel bryant and chambers

      no you wouldnt cuz you know that they're garbage compared to mcnabb and welker

      anyone who accepts that had too many shrooms

    • yes trade quickly

    • apparently you didnt read my other post... counter offer... i have mcnabb welker and donald brown for cassel bryant and bradshaw.

      Mcnabb was inconsistent and NOT a steady and reliable source of points for any fantasy team and cassel in New England would be much better... however, cassel is not in new england he is in KC which makes Mcnabb BARELY a better option... id say McNabb finishes the year at 12 and Cassel finishes at around 13 or 14...

      I wish we already knew how this plays out so i could show you that im right and mcnabb sucks as bad as kyle orton and eli manning. but right now thats not a possibility...

    • Ok, any mulligan you had for not being an idiot has now officially been withdrawn.

      For starters your argument really boils down to 5 interceptions in two games (Cincy and Baltimore).

      In the two games before Cincy that he threw an interception in he also threw for 5 TD's you idiot (but I guess you missed that one).

      Taking away those two games vs. Cincy and Baltimore and his 14 game line (not counting week 17) looks like this:

      3373 yards, 20 TD, 6 INT (plus 1 TD rushing)

      That's an average of 240 yards, 1.4 TD's and less than 0.5 INT.

      Include the two bad games and you get:

      3771 yards, 21 TD, 11 INT (plus 1 TD rushing)

      That's an average of 235 yards, 1.3 TD's and 0.7 INT - pretty good numbers if you ask me.

      Go ahead and focus on TWO GAMES instead of the other 14 you fool.

      I'm done with you - make the damned offer already so that the other manager can start laughing at you.

      Don't say I didn't warn you though...

    • yes -yes you should

    • A dodgy qb, a primadonna wr on a team with a dodgy qb situation and a wr on the downside for a top ten QB and a top ten WR? Do it. Easily.

    • This is such a stupid thread im hitting report abuse.

      Terribly incosistent? You mean a career high in yards 23 TD and 11int?

      Man you are just stupid, You have to be a Dallas fan to be this ignorant and totally hating on McNabb.

      McNabb is going for 4000 yards and 25TD+ this season he has more weapons at his disposal then ever and hasn't had a receiving core this good sense TO and the superbowl year.

      Cassel is horrible and injuried, has no off cord and no running game. Bryant was overlooked last year. He wont this year and wont break 1000 yards. Chambers is 3rd behind gates and jackson...hell he may be behind LT even.

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      • u kidding me?

        the man had THREE interceptions againt the BENGALS last year, and TWO against baltimore... back to back games FIVE interceptions. SEVEN interceptions in a four game streak. He was replaced by Kolb at the end of the half in the baltimore game... After that he had 4 touchdowns against Arizona... and didnt throw a single touchdown against washington or atlanta... If that isnt inconsistent i dont know what is... Nick M.... You are dumb.

    • his starting QB is Brady...

      His receivers are Fitz, Royal, Welker and Jennings
      Bryant was better than welker last year... and He will NEVER play McNabb... Im offering him my crap for his crap...

    • Don't be an idiot guy. Cassel was a product of the Patriots offense. Period. He is now on arguably the worst team in the league with zero offense. His value dropped to nothing because of this. Isiah Stanback is a better QB option than Cassel at this point.

    • TRADE THEM ASAP.......Cassle has a Derek Anderson year two feel to him. He may turn out to be ok but he can potentially suck. Bryant has had injury after injury since signing that franchise tenure. Go with it ASAP.

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