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  • Craig H Craig H Sep 2, 2009 12:15 AM Flag

    Trade advice needed

    My RB corps needs a little fixing after my 3rd and 4th round picks went awry.

    I thought I should grab my Jennings as my WR2 with pick 29 as it was likely the autopicker after me would grab both Jennings and Roddy White with the two picks after mine, which would leave me with Ronnie Brown at pick 32.

    Of course it didn't pan out that way with the guy after me taking Ronnie and Gonzo with picks 30 and 31.

    I felt was too early to reach for Grant and Kevin Smith with Roddy on the board, so I just took him with pick 32 (more as trade bait than anything else) and hoped that Grant or especially Smith would slip to the end of the 5th round.

    Of course then both Grant and Smith went before the end of the 3rd round.

    I'm thinking of trying to reverse the Ronnie Brown/Roddy White picks by offering one of the following deals:

    Trade A:

    I give: Carson Palmer/Roddy White/Larry Johnson/Knowshon Moreno (or Ray Rice)

    I get: Jay Cutler/TJ Houshmanzadeh/Ronnie Brown.

    Trade B:

    Roddy White/Darren McFadden for TJ Houshmanzadeh/Ronnie Brown

    I'd prefer to keep McFadden for my bench if at all possible, but I guess I'm willing to lose him if it means upgrading at RB2 (and it solves my bye week problem with both of my starters off in week 9).

    I'd also prefer to keep Ray Rice, but I can exchange him for Moreno in the first deal if needs be...

    I'm looking for honest opinions on whether the other manager would find these deals attractive given the lineups below (considering his lack of depth at WR and RB).

    I'm not looking to screw him over, just looking to put together a fair trade that improves his team at WR and my team at RB.

    My team:

    QB: McNabb (BN: Palmer)
    RB1: Steven Jackson
    RB2: Darren McFadden (BN: Larry Johnson, Ray Rice, Knowshon Moreno)
    WR1: Andre Johnson
    WR2: Greg Jennings
    WR3: Roddy White (BN: Anthony Gonzalez, Earl Bennett)
    TE: Dustin Keller
    K: John Kasay
    DST: San Diego

    His team:

    QB: Jay Cutler (BN: Kyle Orton)
    RB1: Brandon Jacobs
    RB2: Ronnie Brown (BN: Reggie Bush)
    WR1: Randy Moss
    WR2: TJ Houshmanzadeh
    WR3: Donnie Avery (BN: Donald Driver, Michael Crabtree)
    TE: Tony Gonzalez (BN: Tony Scheffler)
    K: Stephen Gostkowski
    DST: Philadeplhia (BN: Miami)

    The backs in our league are evenly spread with nobody having more than two of what I would consider to be the top 20 backs going around, so this appears to be the only equitable option right now.

    Any opinions would be appreciated.

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