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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 1, 2009 7:29 AM Flag

    Don't let this guy fool you.

    Top 15 guy this year and had only 4 100 plus yard rushing games. Here were his other stats.
    att. yds.
    15 93
    14 35
    14 67
    17 69
    18 47
    11 73
    21 71
    10 52
    24 87

    You've been warned. Don't draft Brandon Jacobs. He is the featured back in NY but he is not durable and he was non existent last year in the playoffs.

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    • Nice analysis, but you're missing the fact that he posted scores in 6 out of the 9 other games and 3 of those games produces multiple scores.

      His worst scores in a game were 4 and 5 points, after that there was only one other game in single digits (9 points).

      Last time a checked a back who is a pretty good bet to post at worst 1000-odd rushing yards and 10 scores with a decent level of consistency behind probably the best offensive line in football is more than likely a top 15 back in anyone's book.

      He is a brute, he will score a lot and has a high ceiling - 20 scores on the ground is not beyond him and there's not a lot of guys who can put that kind of scoring up...

    • Note. Week 16 he had 3 TDs but almost I doubt he was effective in your league since he was a DNP in week 15 when it would have mattered for your first round in the playoffs.


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