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  • Craig H Craig H Sep 1, 2009 7:29 AM Flag

    Rate my team please, I drafted last weekend.

    PPR = Points Per Reception... lol

    That makes Reggie Bush a much better pick and your lineup a bit better than it would be in standard scoring.

    I don't like Jamal Lewis at all right now though and your RB depth is questionable at best.

    James Davis is a a good guy to have when you're invested in Lewis, so I'd grab him and dump either Moore or Washington if I were you.

    There maybe be better RB options on your FA list though - I'd recommend sifting through it to see if there are any hidden gems lurking...

    Breaston is another guy I'm not super keen on - he doesn't score and basically needs one of the other guys to get hurt to clear 1000 yards again...

    I'd be looking for a nice sleeper at WR who looks like they'll be starting early on and making an impact - there maybe someone worth grabbing out there...

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