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  • Ben Ben Aug 30, 2009 6:34 PM Flag

    Who's the smartest pick in round 1?

    Seems to me like there are a lot of good players but not without questions

    AP-Obviously a beast but is he going to get hurt eventually? He runs with wreckless abandon.

    Michael Turner-SD let a guy go who's better than LT now. I dont really have much bad to say about this guy except he's like the new Jerome BEttis. A powerful fast runner. Atlanta looks good and an up and coming team but will probably air it out more. Look for a big year here.

    MJD-With Taylor gone it's his time to shine but jacksonvilles line isnt very good and he's a small back although powerful. But when was the last back you saw 5'7 carry the load for a full season?

    Forte-Solid back. Solified in his spot. Catches the ball as well as runs. But this was a guy that was a waiver pickup last year. He's a good back but he doesn't wow me for some reason. Maybe it's because he was a waiver pickup and averaged 3.9 ypc.

    Deangelo-huge second half last year. Had a massive year. But Jonathan stewart says he's fine. He has the biggest upside/dropoff scenario facing him Stewart and DWill had like 2600 yards rushing between them. Do you really think Carolina will catch teams off guard like that again?

    LT-Best rb of the last decade. 30 years old now. Had a down year and was banged up. He's the back in SD for now. Sproles is too small to be an every down back. Can catch and run and is healthy and looking to bounce back

    S-Jax-Great back on a team that stinks and is going to be down all the time. Plus he's always hurt. He runs too upright. But this could be the eric dickerson year for him.

    Gore-Always good. Nothing about this guy jumps out at me though. He's like the jamal lewis of the new millenium. Bad team. Takes a pounding every year.

    Fitzgerald-Great receiver. Had a career year. Still has bolden to deal with and Warner is aging. He's stil la receiver and is it ever smart to take a receiver round 1?

    Moss-Brady is back. But will brady stay healthy? See above on the receiver debate

    Brees-great qb and machine for 3 straight years ala warner with the rams. But he's still a system qb and due for a letdown?

    Brady-He's healthy but for how long.

    I had the 5th pick in a 10 team and was choosing between Forte, Deangelo and Lt. In my mock i took Deangelo. I played it safe in the real thing and took LT and have been going back and forth on this since. I wasnt sure i wanted to take that risk/reward player with the 1st pick although you do kind of have to try to hit a homerun if you want to win your league. My gut says Deangelo. My head said LT.

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    • Adrian Peterson could see upward of more than 20 TD's with Favre in town. Look at how many TD's Thomas Jones increased with his presence. I see 20+ for A.P.

      M.Turner has the toughest run schedule this year based on last years stats, and QB M.Ryan could have to throw more often, which is what the projections say anyway, based on Turner's 376 carry season last year. I don't see duplicate amount of TD production from Turner this year...*High Risk*

      MJD - Still needs to prove he can carry the full workload, has higher upside than Forte, Jacksonville drafted two of the best Tackles in the league this year, and they have the 2nd easiest schedule vs the run based on last years defensive stats.

      Forte - Lets not forget Turner & L.T. were also 5th round picks or worse. Cutler will improve Forte's stats, he's a hell of a lot better than Orton.

      Will continue.....

    • Lol, I keep hearing/seeing the same info on every player, have an original thought would you?

    • Maybe I should change that to. My gut said DW. My heart said LT. My head said Forte or S-jax. They say go with your gut. We will see if that's true i guess at the end of the year. Never follow your heart lol. Bad.....

    • If you can get Forte at #5, you gotta take him. By the way, he was not a waiver pickup last year. I drafted him in the 6th round.


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