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  • Brad L Brad L Aug 30, 2009 1:20 AM Flag

    Big Time Trade

    am in a 14 man $ league, and just pulled a big time trade that a few others in the league criticized... I think it is gonna win the league for me though... Here's the deal: I traded Ronnie Brown and Roddy White for Michael Turner and Ted Ginn Jr... So now I'm sitting with McNabb at QB, Turner, Jones Drew, Lendale White, and Leshawn McCoy at RB, Anthony Gonzalez, Kevin Walter, Ginn Jr, Chris Henry, and Joey Galloway at WR, Antonio Gates at TE and Baltimore and Dallas D's (set roster)... Any thoughts on this trade, I basically took a loss at WR to have 2 beasts in the backfield

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    • you did the right thing,

      Gave up a round 3 WR and round 3 RB for a Round 1 RB and a Round 10 Wr Good job.

      U are real weak at WR, lets hope Henry turns into a WR2

    • Any other thoughts?

    • It's a wash. You gave up your only real #1 WR for another RB in an already deep stable. Honestly, over the course of the season, I think it will come back to bite you. At face value, though, it's a decent trade but not something I'd call "big time" unless you get to play 3 RBs and/or you can find a way to parlay one of your other RBs for a legitimate WR.

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      • Right on Kermie... I'm workin on that right now, I'm workin on another big trade by moving Lendale White and one of my WR (hopefully Ginn Jr) for Randy Moss... they guy is seriously considering it, so I'm hoping it goes. If I'm startin:
        A. Gonzalaz
        Walter or Henry
        Ravens D...
        I think I got the league sowed up before it even begins, lol, my bench would be totally depleted though!

    • I do think the trade worked out in your favor, but I'm only saying that because I do not like Ronnie Brown at all this year. You did take a big hit at WR, though.

      Even without Roddy, I still think you have a solid set of possession WRs in Gonzalez and Walter, and a possible sleeper in Henry. That's a pretty good group for a 14 team league, and for having MJD and Turner.

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      • Yeah, I seem to agree with everything above.. I took a hit at WR, but think Roddy White will see less yards and tds with Gonzo in ATL... I'm solid all around except WR, but I have a couple guys who might produce more than expected. I wouldn't doubt that Anthony Gonzales has #1 type production (fingers crossed for Chris Henry)... I don't see Ronnie Brown having a great season. I may be the only guy in the world with Mojo and Burner in a 14 man $ league... hundred dollar league at that... the trade is complete, so nothing I can do now but hope it works out as planned! lol

    • Yeah your WR suck imo. You have nothing but #2 and 3 receivers. That may cost you but you got turner. I think the trade was pretty even and could of even helped the other guy out. Nothing much to critisize. But if you lost its gona be because of your WR sucking more then you win by having great RB.

    • if someone will take the trade go for it its a no brainer.


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