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    Who is more valuable????????????

    i have 2nd pick in 12 team H2H money league. pass tds worth 6, RB tds worth 6 and also WR.

    would it be too ballsy to take Brees 2nd overall over guys like Mojo and Turner?

    im lookin at it like if i take brees then i can still get guys like grant, k.smith, etc later. havin that one stud QB allows me to draft just one QB and stock up on other players. i believe the way of drafting in years prior is fading rapidly. is a RB like MoJo or turner [who are way more prone to injury than a QB] THAT much more valuable than Brees.

    Brees scored 90 more points than the highest scoring RB last year.

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    • You're looking at it all wrong. You play 1 QB. You need 2 RBs. Brees scored 90 more than any RB, but less than 90 more than the #10 QB. You grab Brees at #2, I grab MoJo at #3 then get Grant before you get a shot in round 2 (or pick whatever you want). Then, round 3 comes around, and I grab Rodgers. So, MoJo nets me probably a 50 point gain over your best RB because you're looking at 2nd tier timeshare crap at pick # 23 and you only get a dozen or so on me for the Brees to Rodgers gap.

    • You have to go with the RB there are 4 QBs who will have almost the same TD totals that you can get in the 3rd round

    • Well, you just answered your own question in your title. Brees will probably be the top point getter, but there will be plenty of opportunity to grab a QB who will not be very far behind him. 2nd pick means you get a crack at 1 of the 4 truly elite RBs in the draft. Take any one of MJD, Forte or Turner, and be happy.

    • 3 top 5 QB's last year came after the 7th round.

      while you're passing on top 3 RB's... someone grab, AP, Forte, MJD then grab McNabb or Rodgers later and outscore you

      Good luck!

    • Take the elite RB like Turner, MJD, or Forte, then grab a top WR or QB with your next pick. I'm sure Manning, Rodgers, Rivers, or Warner will be available. At WR, Jennings, R. White, and possible Moss or C. Johnson will be there. Then load up with RB and WR over the next few rounds.

    • i would go with a RB like MoJo or Forte or whoever you like there. You could get a QB like Rivers or Rodgers later in the draft and that is not much of a step down. Keep in mind you pretty much have back to back picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

    • get turner imo. If you get brees then RB the next round. You'll gona hurt at WR imo. If you go turner first you can get a stud RB and WR the next way around and get someone like Aaron rodgers or Warner later. Its hard to say. I see Brees going early first round in all my drafts but nothing early as #2. Its usually #5

    • i got rodgers in round 4 he only had a handful less points than brees. dont take a qb that early.

    • I agree I always shoot for Brees 1st if I can get him. The guy throws an unbelievable number of touchdowns and his yardage is amazing.


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