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    Keeper+PPR: How To Draft?

    The commish of my baseball keeper started a football keeper this year. Everyone in that league hates me because I'm destroying them and have the best keepers.....As of right now, I'm not going to be able to make the draft. Because everyone hates me, I doubt the time will be changed. So....how do I make an auto-draft work?

    .5 ppr + keeper

    Should I put Forte and MJD as my top 2?

    Put Calvin Johnson in the top 5? over Fitz?

    If I get stuck with Turner or Jacobs or someone like that (and can't fix it by changing strategy) should I try go get Rice early to give me a good keeper option for next year?

    Do I even need to change my strategy for the first 2 rounds because of it only being .5ppr?

    Try to get Welker and Housh early?

    Because great players come around so often, do I even worry about taking young players like I would in a baseball draft?

    To top it all off, I don't know how many teams will be in this league. There are currently 5, but he has the max set at 12.

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