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  • David David Aug 24, 2009 5:00 PM Flag

    LJ/Brees or A. Rodgers/S. Jackson Keeper

    this is a keeper league trade..

    Brees is number one but LJ is one way down

    is it worth trading Brees and LJ


    A. Rodgers and S. Jackson? will Rodgers continue to be a top QB? will Jackson get better or decline?

    I am not sure...thinking of just holding Brees and letting go of LJ at end of year if this trade not worth it

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    • This is a no brainer... you take Rodgers and S-jax. You are getting better overall quality from what yer getting as opposed to what yer giving up. You really don't lose much trading Brees for Rodgers and you get way more value getting S-jax for LJ. Jackson has so much upside, it would almost be dumb to not make this trade. He still manages to have 1000 yard seasons and 300+ receiving yards in years where he misses a quarter of the season. He is healthy this year and is going to be a workhorse cause he's all the rams really got. Make this trade and feel confident about it!

    • My personal opinion is that you make the trade to obtain Rodgers and S-Jax, and then trade S-Jax for someone like Slaton, Chris Johnson, etc. I do not like S-Jax but there's a lot of people that do.

      Rodgers will continue to be a top QB, he won't be as good as Brees only because he doesn't have as many weapons, but you don't lose a whole lot downgrading from Brees to Rodgers.

      The ONLY problem with making this trade is if you can't find anyone to take S-Jax. But yeah, don't keep Larry Johnson if you don't have too, he's a problem child and getting up there in age, dump him.

    • Hold Brees. LJ's issues with the Chiefs are behind him and I think he'll get more carries this year.


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