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  • HighTide HighTide Aug 20, 2009 12:58 AM Flag

    what happes to your def on bye week?

    first time FFB. I have SD. on there bye week what happens. also have Keading as K. so K and def would be off on bye week? help me understand

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    • You get 0 points at K and DEF that week unless you pick up another K and DEF for that week to fill in.

    • Well, yes. Seeing as how on a team's bye week, the entire team (offense, defense, special teams, cheerleaders, hot dog vendors) doesn't play, you should invest in another def and k for the week, maybe drop a bench player to pick up a fill-in defense for the week. It would be a miracle if the San Diego defense, or any defense for that matter, would score you any points on their bye week. You have a better chance of not seeing Brett Favre in the news than having your defense score on their bye week. In other words, bench your usual defense and pick up a filler for that week.


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