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  • Sean W Sean W Aug 20, 2009 12:13 AM Flag

    How did I do? 14man PPR 12th pick

    1st Andre Johnson
    2nd Gregg Jennings
    3rd Pierre Thomas
    4th Kevin Smith
    5th Schaub
    6th Mason
    7 Felix Jones
    8 Domenic Hixon
    9 Dustin Keller
    10 Eagles D
    11 Crayton
    12 Mendenehall
    13 Nate Washington
    14 Bo Scaife
    15 Matt Leinart

    Panicked in the 5th and took schaub to early because I kept on getting crappy qbs in all my mock drafts. Plan to drop leinart and pick up a kicker before week one assuming warner doesnt get hurt in the pre season. Every one else was messing with there last pick so I figured I would too.

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    • It is funny how players values chance so quick.

    • Washington may be a steal at 13 but i wouldn't be too excited about the rest.

    • For a 14-team PPR you did a phenomenal job. You went the right way going WR-WR. If Moss was still available I would have drafted him over Jennings, but he probably wasnt, and Jennings is still a top 5 WR.
      I actually have Kevin Smith rated over Pierre Thomas, but thats trivial.
      I am really high on Schaub, and I really think he can be top 4 QB, but he's gonna have to live up to every part of his upside to deserve a 5th round pick. I dont know, ive been getting him consistently in 6-7, even 8.
      Felix Jones can really be a Reggie Bush type player by the end of the year, so good job on that pick.
      I dont dig the defense being picked so early, but if Steelers were gone, I have Eagles #2.
      Mendenhall was a complete steal, watch him have a breakout year.

    • You did a nice job here. In my opinion, you have two of the top 6 receivers and two of the top 15 running backs. Not bad for 14 man league. I don't Schaub represents too much of a panic and is certainly good enough to start in a 14 team league. Felix Jones in the 7th is great, great value and Keller is a nice tight end with upside. If Schaub goes down, you are royally screwed, but I think you obviously know that. I would drop Leinart obviously for a kicker, and drop Scaife for a RB with upside, maybe Jerome Harrison, Chris Brown, or Correll Buckhalter, if available.

    • Personally I like this draft. I'm not sure who your other choice available were in the 2nd round, but Jennings is still a great pick (he was my 2nd round pick in my PPR league too). Thomas will be okay, K. Smith was a steal in the 4th round. I drafted Schaub as well, and if he can stay healthy, I think he can be a top-5 QB. Keller is going to be Sanchez's safety valve, he'll do well this season.

      Where did Marshawn Lynch go in your draft? Because you would've been better off drafting Smith in the 3rd, Lynch in the 4th, and then picking up Fred Jackson a little bit later. I just don't see P. Thomas doing much receptions-wise out of the backfield.


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