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  • Char Char Aug 11, 2009 8:24 PM Flag

    Please grade my team

    Yeah, I would try hard for one of those first 2 deals. If they don't work I would try Welker though for sure. He will have 1100+ yards easy, 110ish receptions, and with Brady back his TD numbers will go back up to 8 or maybe even more.

    Yes, Forte is tough to give but the difference between one of those WRs and Berrian is much greater than that of Forte to Jackson or C. Johnson.

    Try for Boldin first but I'd even try for Welker, especially in any league that has points per reception.

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    • Mine does. Here is another question which one is better for me.

      Forte/Berian for Jackson/Welker or Johnson/Welker

      And what if I need to offer DeSean Jackson Instead of Berian?

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      • Jackson and Johnson is really tough to call but I prefer Johnson. I'm a huge Rams fan and yes, they are going to focus all around Steven but everyone knows his injury issues. Johnson will rush for a ton of yards again and I don't think they'll give Lendale the touches they did last year. He's too far in the dog house. Johnson still had 8 TDs last year.

        I would give Johnson the slight edge. Steven could have the bigger year IF he stays healthy but that hasn't happened for three years.

        I would still do it if I had to give Desean Jackson too.


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