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    pre-draft trade help

    I am in a 14 team league, and have drawn the 3rd pick. This gives me picks 3, 26, 31, 54, 59, 82, 87, 110, 115, 138, 143, 166, 171, 194, 199, 222, 227. Our commish picked the 12th spot and wants to trade down his 1st round pick to me to get an additional draft selection. What would be fair for me to offer him without screwing over my team? I'm kinda thinking it wouldn't be bad to give him my 26th and 59th, but would a second and 5th be enough to make it fair, or would I have to give more? What would you do.


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    • I would ask for more.if i was the commish. Cause he is trading down 9 spots to gain a 5th while losing his 1st.

      If i am him it is a 2,3 and 5 at least or i dont consider it.

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      • Considering you'[re near the top of the draft anyway I'd say your round 2 and 3 picks at most as they're close together.

        I'd try to sell him on your round 2 and 4 picks actually first to see if he bites - having two picks at the start of the second round and 3 picks pretty much at the end of the third round (he'll get the bookends at the end of the 3rd and your 4th round pick one pick later) should be enough to get it done.


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