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  • Brandon Brandon Jul 22, 2009 3:42 PM Flag

    Pls Rate Team

    QB- Phillip Rivers
    RB- Steven Jackson
    RB- Reggie Bush
    WR-Andre Johnson
    WR- Roddy White
    TE- Chris Cooley
    K- Mason Crosby
    Def- Dallas

    BN- Thomas Jones
    BN- Micheal Crabtree
    BN- Jamal Lewis
    BN- Darren Sproles
    BN- Trent Edwards
    BN- Donald Brown

    Rate me on A B C D and let me know where the weak spots are at Thanks

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    • Very solid, I think Bush is overrated. Nice work, I'd say a B+.

    • I have bernard berrian too from MIN

    • I'd probably start Jones over Bush becaue Pierre Thomas will steal most of the touches. Other than that looking pretty good

      I give you a B plus

    • Pretty solid PPR lineup but your bench could use a little work. I don't think Crabtree will do anything this year even though he is talented....rookie WR's rarely produce fantasy #'s worthy. T.Jones isn't going to amount for much either, not with Leon Washington and Shonne Greene in there, plus he's 31 yrs old. Jamall Lewis is just a turd no matter how you look at it. See if you can make some moves and land someone like Darren McFadden or even Derrick Ward as you RB3 and I'm positive you can find a better option than Crabtree on the wire. Overall I give your team a B-

    • Your Royal Duder Highness Your Royal Duder Highness Jul 22, 2009 4:01 PM Flag

      QB- Phillip Rivers - B (He is a solid QB but he isn't one who puts up huge numbers. A solid pick though as I bet the top 5 weren't available.)
      RB- Steven Jackson - D (He is a risk and hasn't panned out in recent years. Good luck with him)
      RB- Reggie Bush - B (he is expected to get more carries this year so this is a good pick up.)
      WR-Andre Johnson - A (He will dominate again as Schaub becomes a better QB.)
      WR- Roddy White - A (He is the #1 and with Matt Ryan he will be a solid starter this year.)
      TE- Chris Cooley - D (He will be a flop this year as the Redskins are in a rebuilding year. He is a solid TE recieving threat but he won't see the ball much this year as his QBs will be on their backs too much.)
      K- Mason Crosby - C (Everyone has jumped on his bandwagon but I dont see him having another stellar year in fantasy while his team will be putting up points more then kicking field goals.)
      Def- Dallas - D (This squad is one of the more overrated squads. Alot of changes to the D will screw Dallas. You might be better off with the Lions D here.

      BN- Thomas Jones - D (He is getting old and wont see much time as they will be looking to get Leon Washington more carries.)
      BN- Micheal Crabtree - C (He will totally get a starting spot but I don't expect him to be a fantasy stud. He will be solid as a backup though.)
      BN- Jamal Lewis - D (He is old and granted the Browns will be emphasing the run I see Harrison getting more carries then Lewis. Lewis is a solid backup if there is no others available but don't expect good numbers from him.
      BN- Darren Sproles - C (Sproles is a solid backup for fantasy. Especially if your league has good special teams points. Cause he can put them up. If not then don't expect to see too much from him. He will get carries as LT will be limited.)
      BN- Trent Edwards - C (With the addition of TO he is better off then he was last year but he is def not a top 15 QB. He is a solid Bye week starter though.)
      BN- Donald Brown - D (He will be a backup for most of the year barring injury. I don't expect to see much from him. If LeSean McCoy is available grab him. He will be getting more carries then Brown and will be more of a factor in Fantasy.)

      You should drop a running back and pick up a second D just incase the Cowboys dont pan out. All in all I give it a C+ as you have a group of solid starters but the backups need help.

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      • Dude you are an idiot with your analysis. Steven Jackson a D!!! haha. The guy is finally healthy and has a much improved o-line. He has the potential to be the top scoring RB this year.

        Phillip Rivers doesn't put up big numbers.... 4000 yds and 34 tds are big numbers??? OK buddy.

        Thomas Jones a D!!! Are you stupid. yeah he's got some miles, but the Jets have a great o-line and no proven qb, they will run the ball a lot. Starting running backs coming off a 1500 total yd 15 td year are not D's!!!!

        Chris Cooley a D!!!! Sure he only had one td, but 83 grab and 840 yds are solid for a TE. He is still Campbell's favorite target.

        Jamal Lewis is not a D, yeah he's got miles, but he is still the starter and will as much work as he can handle and that o-line is solid He's more of c+. Anytime you have a starter on your bench you can spot start him on weeks with favorable matchups.

        Donald Brown is not a D!!! This kid will be solid. Addai is very overrated. Peyton Manning makes any RB solid. Addai is injury prone and they will limit his load.

        The fact that you told him to drop a RB and pick up a defense is horrible!!! Have you ever played fantasy before. You don't need 2 defenses in fantasy football, especially in a 10 team league.

        Overall I give this kid a B and you an F on your analysis. I would suggest that you try and trade 2 of your running backs for another receiver though. Try trading one of your handcuffs and crabtree for a solid number 2 or 3 receiver.

    • Your team looks pretty decent, you have two backs that definitely catch a lot of balls, so that bodes well being in the PPR league. I would give it a B right now. as long as your guys stay healthy, you should do pretty well. Weaknesses may be QB depth, TE and DEF.

    • Even with T. Jones in NY and Crabtree being number one reciever......

    • Solid starters but I would try to get a deeper bench with more talent if possible

    • how many teams in your league, is it a ppr league?


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