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  • ChitownBrawler ChitownBrawler Jun 15, 2009 2:17 AM Flag

    Tempting Trade - I need help!!

    What do you guys think?

    I get: Randy Moss, Jeremy Shockey, Derrick Ward, Darren McFadden

    I lose: Matt Forte, Dustin Keller

    I drop: Deion Branch, Tampa Defense

    I still have Gore, Reggie Wayne, Welker, Holmes, Gates, Larry Johnson, Donnie Avery, LeSean McCoy, Minnesota def

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    • First off, Moss is a human stat book. His age means nothing. And Brady is back, so he is good. Yes Forte was good last season, but I don't see them running as much, now that they have Cutler. Derrick Ward is a good pick up, because Tampa Bay will utalize him A lot this season, seeings as how they will have to run most of the time anyways. Dustin Keller will be a loss, but you never know, without Farve at quarterback, how will he even get the ball. Atleast Shockey has a proven QB behind him, in Drew Brees, and if they play like last season, shockey will see a lot of balls. All in all, I think you should do this trade. I would drop donnie Avert though and pick up something else, since tou have depth at reciver,

    • I think you got to do it but dump Shockey and keep Branch.....

    • Thanks a lot guys! ...

      I just rejected the trade for couple reasons :

      1. Forte and Gore are locks to start every week and I don't have a wr/rb slot so Ward and McFadden are simply back ups. .. and I already have LJ and McCoy .. plus a bunch of rookies in the FA like Mendenhall (2nd year rookie lol), donald brown...etc
      2. I would also never start Shockey because I have Gates.

      so it comes down to Moss for Forte. and if i wanted moss that bad I would have drafted him myself with the 4th overall.

    • go for it, sounds great

    • I see an aufull lot of emotion here in the responses. Lets talk statistics. Using the projected points for this season by Yahoo. your team (rb/wb/wr/wr/wr/t only) is 1127 points before the trade and 1027 if you make the trade. So if you believe the projected scoring is not just someone somewhere pulling numbers out of a hat, your team suffers if you make the trade.

    • I wouldn't Forte is elite back, keller is better than shockey and Moss is a big upgrade but Avery could have big year as goto in stl. and if branch is healthy he could be solid. trade is about forte for moss. easier to replace a WR week to week than a RB

    • Getting Moss is great Darren who knows with the raiders they are career killers. I don't know why nobody is talking about Carnell Williams as a starter for tampa. But if you feel Gore Larry Johnson can carry ou this year then the other backs wont be heavilly relied on. But Shockey is weak. So the trade is basically Forte for Moss and some back up Rbs with upside and a TE swap. Your call.

    • I agree with Tig, your getting three feature players for one, it aint who u like, it's who will benifit your team most. Even if Forte does have a breakout year he won't outscore any 2 of the three marquis players you would be getting in the trade. I would give some serious thought about canceling this trade.

    • You need to look at it a little closer, take out your favorite team issue, it is fantasy f-ball. Forte is a stud, or at least he was last yr. Keller, no QB and they run the ball. But Ward is going to be the feature back in TB, Moss has Brady back, and lets face it, he is the best WR in football. Shockey sucks, and Mcfd has a chance of breaking out this yr, who else do the raiders have. The question is not that simple, how many rb's do you start? who are your other rb's and wr's? so the question is not that simple, look at it from all your angles.

    • I would keep Forte & Keller

      Only player on the other team that would come close to making up Forte's potential production is Moss.

      Shockey is garbage.

      Ward & McFadden are somewhere in the mid-tier range.

      Rather have Gore & Forte as the 1-2 since LJ has dropped off a bit. Better suited as a 3rd RB option.

      Your WRs are okay w/o Moss.

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