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  • Fletch 1165 Fletch 1165 Dec 22, 2008 11:30 AM Flag

    DeAngelo Williams king-crybabys go home

    Beirens is a cry baby. You could see this coming 8 weeks ago. What a great analyst to pump the winners and call them lucky asses. Get real loser. He was a free agent and those of us that registered what was happening picked up on it. Those of us oblivious like Andy Beirens, did not. Now he rants in losing and threatens those that "gloat"? Get real and run your column more responsibly. YOU PISS ME OFF. I wrote messages of accolades to the people I lost too, and did not whine like this. You threaten Yahoo users for their perfectly legal football opinion. What's the point if you can't revel in the win anywhere at Yahoo? Afraid people won't call you an expert here? Fragile frackin ego Andy.

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    • some people are enraged by the many injustices in the world, like war and famine in third world countries and the many homeless on our own streets. you however, are enraged by the jesting comments of a fantasy football writer? you tell "andy" to get real. regardless of being on a first name basis with this writer, which im sure you are not. perhaps you should get real, and show less concern for such trivial issues.

    • The whole point is to complain about your players overachieving or underachieving and the bad breaks that happen that cost you a win. There is nothing wrong with just requesting to hear replies from people who narrowly lost a game because of the big day by Deangelo Williams. We already know the teams that had him are on cloud nine. No one expected four tds in this game.


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