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  • veggiedogs veggiedogs Dec 16, 2008 12:20 PM Flag

    Best and worst moves all season

    I was just wondering what your best waiver pickups were. I am currently playing for the championship in my league even though a terrible draft could have ended my season a long time ago. No one in my league likes to make a list trades, so I was forced to pick up free agents often, it's amazing who nervous managers will drop due to injury or dry spell. Some of the key pick ups I made were: Slaton, Eddie Royal, Anquan Boldin (after his injury), Marques Colston, Larry Johnson, Pittsburgh D/ST (don't know how that happened), Sammy Morris (17 points when I needed them most), Tyler Thigpen, Wes Welker, Jets D/ST, Owen Daniels, John Carlson, Mason Crosby, and many more. All total I've made 55 moves this season. In the semi finals, only 1 of my 9 players was a drafted player, in fact out of 15 players on my team only 4 of them were drafted. It just shows that fantasy isn't all about who you drafted. A little elbow grease can uncover a championship team's worth of players on the waiver wire.

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    • best move"picked up deangelo in week 2 off waivers.Worst move: dropped bernanrd berrian for bryant johnson in week 4.

    • Worst move: I traded Chris Johnson for Chris Chambers Week 3 when I had like 7 good RB's and no good WR's. I thought I was selling Johnson high and getting a top 10 WR in Chambers then Chambers got hurt and didn't do shit past Week 6.

      My best was getting Michael Turner for Aaron Rodgers.

    • I drafted three QB's. Peyton, Brett and Eli and traded Eli for Reggie Wayne and Favre for Witten. I picked up Favre in Round 7 and Eli in round 10. I had 2 RB's go down Maroney and Bush. Forte was a draft of mine and has panned out great. P. Thomas was one of my best waver picks and is huge now. I also picked Welker up on waivers but have Andre J, Calvin J & Wayne so he rode the pine until last week. Now Wayne is riding the pine. Lendale White was another waiver for me. I am in first place in a 12 team league and have made a 100 moves. I add and drop Kickers weekly but most of it is just looking for studs on the wire... LAND SHARKS - Bainbridge Island WA

    • i can only imagine!! My league is limited to ONLY 16 moves!! Yup only 16 pick/drops. IN my first fantasy season, I have picked up both Matt Cassel & Chad Pennigton, while I kept draftee Carson Palmer expecting a return to past glory. (you can stop laughing now) I also picked up Bernard Berrian, Jonathon Stewart, Lance Moore. I had drafted Marshawn Lynch, Marion Barber, the Tenn Defense, Roddy White and TJ Houshmanzadeh. I did have to pick up my kickers Jason Elam and Ryan Longwell. I have made it to the finals though a record of 8-6 and the 4th seed. I could only wonder if all the dropping and adding went on in this league.

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      • Man 16 moves is rough. I'd have been sunk if I could only have 16. We had no limit on trades or pickups, although we have to pay a dollar into the pot for each trade and no trades were allowed after week 13. Perhaps the dollar charge on trades but not on pickups is why so many people used the add/drop instead. If I thought a guy was under-performing and could only trade him for another mid level player, I would find a mid level player on the wire and make the switch for free. All those dollars add up.

    • i drafted slaton in all of my leagues after watching him in the preseason, so my best waiver pick up was antonio bryant. i played against deangelo williams on mnf in round 1 of the playoffs, and bryant kept my lead alive.

    • Mine would be the Baltimore D. Also Matt Ryan he was a nice backup moved to starter when Mcnabb was in his funk!

    • my best move was when romo was hurt and warner was on his bye..i played matt cassell vs the broncos. i was down by 23 pts. going into that game and cassell got 25...the pats were winning by 30+ pts and they were running a no huddle hurry up offense, it was great....also...

      i cut shockey early in the year when he got hurt..someone in my league picked him a couple weeks later..in our game he was playing shockey and had thomas jones up against the chiefs...i played billy miller to his shockey and leon washington to his t. jones....

    • No, Standard 12 team league. With at least 1 idiot manager.

    • im in the ship but made 50 moves
      heres all my injured players tom brady marques colston marion barber anquan boldin dallas clark earnest grahm chris chambers so yeah...but my huge pick ups were kurt warner aaron rodgers matt cassel thomas jones picking up chicago when they had a bye then trading them for lee evans(already had pitsburgh which i drafted in the 12 or so round) o and tony scheffler getting injured

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      • Yeah, the season was pretty injury plagued for me as well. Addai, Royal, LJ Smith, Big Ben, not to mention people I picked up because of injuries... Colston, Boldin, LJ, Sheffler and injuries that cost my tight ends and receivers dearly... Schaub went down and Daniels' value plummeted, ditto Greg Olsen when Orten went down, even Carlson had a terrible dry spell when Hasselbeck and Wallace were injured. At one point I think I had 6 injured players on my roster not including Big Ben who never technically missed a game with his injury. Needless to say I lost that game.

    • biggest pickup by far was slaton for me lucky i was right on that one.

      owned every denver rb at some point selvin michael pittman and peyton hillis did good before a trip to the injury reports...

      my favorite?? lost this week in playoffs, stuck playing for 3rd place anyway... i lost because my opponent had phillys D last week and that interception for a td by phillys D caused me to looooose.
      my reaction? picked back up original draft WR flop OCHO CINCO for this week against cleveland, the team that fucked it all up for me after a great season... ughhh

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